About me

I started out as a Model at the age of 13, traveled the world Internationally learning about not only fashion and makeup. But about people, culture, language and food…becoming one with my environment.

Started Acting soon after, being taught by some of the best teachers out there learning about myself, my feelings, my limitations, my expectations, my strengths, passions and determinations. Understanding the life in front of the camera and it’s nuance and the delicate nature of the lens. The lighting, the sound, the need for everyone around me and how precious every second is.

Became a hair and makeup artist and started an agency representing freelance artists, because the demand was there. I understood what the camera wanted to see, how the reflection took to the light and how the softness or the hard edges danced with the characters energy and delivery.

A fashion stylist and set decorator peaked my curiosity as to why things went where they did to make the space alive and perfect for the scene or portrait. Creating spaces of intellectual interest, rooms of pleasure, a sanctuary, and sorted and cultivated mess…the options were limitless and not the least important to all I was doing.It was all part of the process.

I have the ability to guide the actor or model, coach them to find that one thing to bring that special something to their sense memory, emotional, and/or muscle memory in order to trigger what is needed to bring forth what is expected of them. I can create that room, that environment to foster that memory to get that emotion, create that object or nick knack needed to spark a memory, cultivate a unique experience in front of the camera, as I know also the world behind the camera.

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