Lauren Bagliore, MAC, Fashion Gala


I was pleasantly invited to one of the most forward thinking fashion designers of our time,  Lauren Bagliore and her treat to her customers, a makeup makeover for the Lauren Bagliore look with MAC cosmetics. It was February 14th. Perfect to get your face looking glorious for a romantic night with your sweetheart.

So what exactly is the LB look? It’s one of strength and empowerment. I requested the smudgy eyes like that of a warrior woman who has survived the most brutal of wars and has the scars to prove it. After all I am a survivor of a 10 year depression, that was my war and I came out of it a much stronger woman, and better for it.  Lauren Bagliore also is an advocate against human trafficking which alone makes you love her, but her fashions are so coveted in YYC that it makes all women look fantastic with it’s flowing and forgiving draping of the fabrics. Designed in New York and made in Italy and sold in Calgary.

Let’s just say the women here adore her and are pleased she’s in town. Because if you want one of a kind for an event, this is a destination point! Not only will you see her fashion at the studio concept boutique in Inglewood by the Nash, Lauren looks will be on the runway at Wine, Women & Shoes Gala and Fashion show benefitting Wood’s Homes helping families with children with mental disabilities. She so lovingly donated a gift for our silent auction as well as seeing her gorgeous clothing on stage. The opening number no less!

Now getting back to getting my makeup done, Lauren only chooses the best of the best. So please meet, Sarah Lee Jamison, MAC Makeup Artist Extraordinaire!


It all started with getting my eyes smoldering haute! And the many stages it took to make the absolute smudge and classiness combined to work with LB’s delicious designs.

Many layers and smudging techniques were applied and were taught to me by Sarah. As if I could do this to myself with out looking like I haven’t fallen into a couple of door knobs will take some work on my part.

Before I was completely done I asked for lips that were almost nude and Sarah found the most incredible color, which by the way I must get that name from her. Although I’m sure if you brought an image of the finished look to a MAC store they may be able to help you to find the closet if not the exact color for you. Sorry I don;t have that info, so caught up in the moment of someone making me pretty for a change:)


The end result was very pleasing. It was right on to what I wanted and imagined. That with a Lauren Bagliore black dress and perhaps one of her hoodie scarf made the look complete.