Go Bohemian this Fall

A quick and easy guide to get that bohemian chic casual look with little to no effort. All you need are these treasured pieces and as you add them together, you are styling a most cozy look for the cool nights that have suddenly arisen as the leaves have suddenly fallen.

That’s right Fall is here, cool air, crispy leaves and fog amidst the landscape takes shape, and nights becoming shorter.

Check out these cool shots and see how to incorporate easy pieces for a simply fascinating way to rock it out this year. We start it off with a simple jean jump suit from Club Monaco:


Now enter the scarf in a your choice in color and pattern of your choice.


Followed by a fabulous structured hat from Rag & Bone, a sweater from Anthropolgie for layering purposes. Make sure your shoes are good and solid and hold your foot in case of frosty walkways. These most delicious wedge shoes are the right height and color for those extra long pants that you can;t get yourself to shorten. Brown’s Shoes.

Wear it like you own it!


Enjoy the cool weather with Retro looks which are so on point right now and create your own look that makes you as unique as you are.

Photography: Jason Stang

Model: Jaia Talisman

Shot on Location

Stylist: Jaia Talisman