Modeling in Vermont and Ben & Jerry’s

My Mama brings up a big box from the basement and makes me guess what’s inside. “Come now, vat iz inside za box?” With her sweet German accent. “I don’t know Mama, just show me okay?” With deep disappointment on her face that I don’t play the game, she sighs and opens the box and hands me one piece at a time.

“Here you vere in New York, here on dis von you vere in Germany, oh and dis one in Vermont, for dat french magazine rememba? Look at how young you vere. Ah, my baby so far from her Mama, I vas so vorried but I trusted you alveys. Nah, you vere a very good kid!” My mama knew she could always trust me, being the nerd that I was.

Ah yes my modeling years and the time I spent in Vermont, so lovely there. I remember as if it were yesterday. I was overcome with joy because of the cool group of talented people I was with. Those of stylists, hair and makeup people and models, and the clients from Clin d’oeil Magazine that eventually put me in their cover. ” Just look how beautiful you vere young lady…” my mother whispers loudly as to make sure I make darn sure I don’t mishear her. She kept talking about how I finally deserve good things. “You werked so hard in life to get vere you are Mådchen.”

I see one of my very first Modeling photos taken by Greg Gerla taken in the late 80’s and these are among my favorite. A look that is still very popular still today. Another that gets pulled out is one taken in Toronto, which again is very All Saints flavor, raw and natural, taken in the stairwell of the studio of the photographer. At the time I thought it was awful as I thought it was all about glamour. But looking back it was about being a versatile. This look is all about layering and being very tomboy chic without all the frills.


IMG_5563I finally come across one of the tear sheets from the shoot in Vermont. Fringe, leather, animal print, loose braid and silver hoop earrings. All the things that that will lead us into the fall and winter that awaits us for 2016/2017. Probably not as shown, just an updated version, with refinement and finesse. Which leads me to the one thing that even brought me to the part of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream. IMG_5564

This square scarf from the gift shop at Ben & Jerry’s Vermont. The other mature models were buying them and tore them in half and with their Montrèal french flare and wore them around their necks and looked so fashionable, together with their jean shirts, boots and loose wild hair do’s. I splurged and bought one of my own but couldn’t bring myself to tear it apart. The memories attached to this scarf is so enormous to me it’s almost embarrassing… but it’s mine:)


Memories are the greatest gifts we have in life. Even if they may seem silly, embrace them as they are what made you the person you are today. Thank you for letting me share my story with you today.

Have a Fabulous Monday!