Blonde Ambitions

Sooooo, yeah I was feeling sorry for myself one day as I was stuck in bed from a minor foot surgery. A follow up to the big ordeal foot surgery, and, I had my cell phone next to me. I was just putzing around with it, being so bored as it was early in the morn, and as I already mentioned feeling so bloody sorry for myself that I bored myself to tears.

I started taking pictures of the little loves of mine, Hanzi our Italian Greyhound and Miss Coco, our Min-Pin/Chihuahua mix that we got from a pound in Pasadena. They are the sweetest fur people ever. Consoling me when I’m hard on myself and bring a smile to my face with the weird little things that they do so brilliantly. And as I looked at them I thought, god made you so perfect! You never have to change your clothes, dye your fur, get your nails done at so-and-so salon, or wear this and that by whose his nose. You are perfect just the way you are. In fact you don’t even question it.

Then I turned the camera to myself and took this photo…


Okay, so you get where I’m going with this right? I look at myself and started to take more and more pics thinking, “C’mon there’s gotta be a good one of me in there somewhere? My goodness are my eyelids hooded, square jaw, no, not that one, OMG, never…I look just like my dad? Or I will later in years…” It was so stupid the way I went on about the way I wasn’t happy with myself. If I were like my little Coco, I’d be happy just the way I am. Who knows? I’m just guessing, who knows how dog’s perceive themselves. Maybe there is something to peeing in the corner and growling at the other dogs that have everything to do with “Girl, you don’t wanna piece of this, so take your skinny puppy ass else where, DIG?’


A little more pondering at my predicament and then I got bored again. I knew that I had to rest up and gain enough strength to get out of the house and enjoy myself again and start working on some projects. So I started painting some paintings for myself for a change but it wasn’t releasing the endorphins that I needed to feel good inside about me personally.

I was in a rut. A major funk. I had lost a few pounds, check, wardrobe slightly changed, check, new shoes to accommodate orthotics… YAY! Changed my makeup techniques, wearing less, or wearing bright red lipstick with minimal makeup and black mascara, check! So I have been doing some fine tuning, so what was missing? I mean I had my hair trimmed.

HAIR!!!!!!!!! I’ve had this same boring color since, since, well…it’s been, okay if you carry the four, carry the eight, move the decimal point. So yeah, I’m no math wizard so I’ll just say a very, very, very long time. Let’s go change it up!!! I’m no puppy, I can mess with my hair and have tons of regrets and only have myself to blame!!! LIFE IS SO BLOODY BEAUTIFUL!!!!

So I took a leap of faith,  a small budget and a miracle happened.


I met Steph at Influence Salon and she did THIS!!!!!!! And now that I’m at home and in my comfy cozies I feel like THIS!!!!!!!!!IMG_5545

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All day long 🙂