Being Bryn: A girl with a purpose

I have never met such a girl like Bryn before. Bryn Robertson. At 19 years of age her head is on solid and attached to these broad shoulders that only a biathlete could have. A brain so wise and filled with smarts that she needed a tall strong body to keep it up.

She’s a no nonsense girl, who takes things quite seriously, but can take a good joke like everyone else. But don’t think for one moment that she doesn’t get your sarcasm, ’cause she does, wink ha ha. She’s so naturally pretty that it puts most people to shame with all the powder they throw in their face to cover this and cover that. Especially when Bryn let’s those freckles dance around her face and those ice blue eyes do all the talking. That’s right she doesn’t have to say a thing to you. Those eyes can tell you a story and your mouth would drop. She’s beautiful and quiet, but when she speaks it’s of things relevant to the conversation and full of delightful questions for her insatiable appetite for knowledge.

Her laughter is contagious and her smile is delightful. Bryn is the every girl all in one.


Bryn modeling above is wearing “Tink” jewelry for me, she puts her talents to work. Greg Gerla takes her photograph and she takes direction like a pro. Her movements and her engagement have improved with the one-on-one training she’s taken with  me at Jaia’s Modeling Camp. A very good student who takes constructive criticism very well. She listens intently and takes her queue and within a few shots she has mastered the looks. Perfection! She has it in her innately; it just needed the right words and the correct techniques and she was off and running.

She laugh’s “I had no idea I could do that, it makes sense…wow…(laughter)”.

She is so sweet which is why she’ll go far plus it’s easy to see how her beauty is easy to enhance with little effort, her character is one of a best friend, her sensibilities are that of a good sounding board of solid wisdom and a realistic conscience. There are no games that she plays. She is a constant.

With a good family supporting her and an excellent mother agent like Lisa Kaufman from LK Model Management, her future is very bright. Her background of her dedication of being a biathlete took a lot of hard work, and a tough schedule. So her strength and devotion is unsurpassed.

Her intentions in life is to remain @beingbryn at all costs. She wants to carry out her studies in Toronto in September. And while there to continue her love of modeling and acting. She believes in herself and knows that with hard work and perseverance that she will do well. I told Bryn to keep asking questions and that the only stupid questions are only ones unasked. She nodded with agreement with a little “Hmm” from her pursed lips. “I guess you’re right, make total sense”, as she jots it down in her note book.

Something else that was smart of her. She always had her notebook and kept a journal of what we talked about during our one-on-one classes. Very studious and clever I thought to myself.

She is someone who wants to make a plan for her life, and looks to the future as a positive thing, not so monsterous as so many teens her age do. She doesn’t feel a sense of entitlement. She knows you get what you give, and that’s who she will always be. Just Being Bryn.


My best to Bryn & Family



Model: @beingbryn

Agent: LK Model Management

HMUA &Styling: Jaia Talisman (Me)

Photography: Greg Gerla