KAT SHUNDRUK a Super Model captured by @xyfphtg.space

A message comes to me on my cell phone. Elle Yifan Xu asks if I wanted to style a photo shoot with a Super Model who’s in town for a short while in between her next modeling contract far and away. Sounds like fun right? Not at all. It’s a riot! A golden opportunity… but I’m booked solid with appointments and bookings. So I recommend someone else and wish her well. IMG_5269

A few days pass and I get another message from Elle, so we meet. This is a big deal and time is of the essence and she loves the way I style and I love her enthusiasm and artistic positive outlook. I move things around and make it fit in myย  schedule because let’s face it, you don’t meet Super Models very often. I review her images and I’m excited to meet this girl. Kat Shundruk from I Model Management. She seems like a cool girl with plenty of personality and charm, and a great face, I mean really, those eyes!


So I go shopping after meeting Elle and I create these looks for her based on the story that Elle wants to tell. It’s full of attitude and retro chic, but so now. It has all the grit of street wear but the charm of the 1950’s diner female that Elle entitled as the “Spice Candy Girl”.

When I met her, KAT was charming and sweet and was a bucket full of smiles and giggles. Her personality was ever so delightful and so not what I was expecting. Although I gotta say, us Canadian girls are truly lovely humans:) Don’tcha think? ๐Ÿ˜‰

During the shoot there much laughter and energy coming from Kat. She never let on that she was exhausted or tired. She gave 100% of herself. She was so professional and marvelous, that I really can’t say enough about her. She made everything look great, and with legs for days she fit into everything perfectly. She was truly a delight.

And watching Elle, creating her vision was also very creative. She was very much into the shoot. Concentrating, and fussing with the lights to make sure she got exactly what she was looking for. It was a very collaborative effort between all of us to make it what it was. Full of spice and sweet like candy!


Great job everyone!

And that’s a wrap!


P.S. Thank you Doug Wong for the Granola Bat, it saved my life!!!!