Jaia’s Model Camp: a.k.a. JMC

It’s official as of today! I have announced it and the website is up! I am offering a modeling class called “Jaia’s Model Camp“, also known as “JMC” that will be starting in August of this year. After a lot of people’s suggestions and models coming to me and asking me to teach them, I decided to become a teacher at something that I know so much about.

But I must make it be known that I am not an agent, nor will I become one. I am neutral territory for all people who wish to either become a model, seeking to better their techniques. For agents who send me certain models who need special attention in a certain area, and for models who wish to brush up after being out the business for a while and are getting back into it again.

My courses and special One-on-One classes are designed for individuals who are serious about modeling and take it on as a business and career. My goal is to share my knowledge of the business and techniques with a small group of people who thirst for knowledge and for those who want to become the best they can be.

I love people, I love to teach and I love to see people succeed. This is a venture I am taking after finishing a one-on-one course with a dear model who sought out my help to be better a model. What I saw in her was magical, and she appreciated the positive insight I gave her. The only way to succeed is through positivity and encouragement and a solid reason as to why these things are the way they are.

My reason for doing what I do is of pure love and the power of positive reinforcement. There is no other way. So if you are in the Calgary area or in Edmonton please visit my site for all the details on my classes. Other classes to be announced soon.