Hedkandi on 9th ave.: oh so sweet!

So you know how it is, dry weather, dry hair, split ends. Gah, my fine hair gets the best of me, breakage is so frequent and it’s taking it toll on my long hair.

What can I do? I let it dry naturally, I don’t use heat elements on my hair, don’t use any chemicals in my hair. I treat it like a baby. What am I missing? Taking my vitamins, gentle but cleansing shampoo, moisturizing/detangling conditioner. I’m so confused because I eat right and drink plenty of H2O, that I’m drowning in it.

Could it be my age? I mean I’m only 26, er I mean that’s at least how I feel on the inside. I act even younger, but seriously… I only have 4 grey hairs and they look like highlights. So what’s to worry right? Hmmm?


Stress! Big cause of your body to show you it’s not feeling well. I’ve been stressed out, work, house, family and my health. Lack of sleep is right up there too. And with my insomnia it’s reared it’s ugly head and looked me in the eye and said enough is enough Jaia, time to think about yourself for a change. CHILL!

So I booked all these appointments to see the Doctors I needed to see, got my  blood checked. All looks good, blood pressure normal. But I’m full of anxiety. Oh yeah…Breathe… in out, in out, in out and so my instincts begin to take over.I dig through my swag bags that I got at the VIP PARKSHOW and befuddled I find a coupon for something that I can really use! $20 off a haircut at Hedkandi downtown location open till 9:00pm! Well bless their hearts cause Here I come today , cause I wanna be, hot hot sticky sweet, from my Hed to my kandi feet!!! Gosh I hope that doesn’t sound disturbing.;i

I arrive and the place is darling, greeted by Adam, what a doll with the perfect smile and blonde locks of hair.Just bouncy and sweet with a loving character I am told to get changed around the corner into a black cape, and rest easy until Kelsey J. comes to get me. In a matter of seconds she is there and another adorable Hedkandi individual is there to take me to my chair except this is my rock-star Kelsey J who will be cutting my long tresses and making it look great again.

We exchange the pros and cons of long hair and decide to put a clear gloss on my hair because I like my natural hair color anyways, so no need for color to make my hair dryer. Just gloss to strengthen my hair, give it shine and seal the hair.A slight trim on the edges as not to take the length away that I fought so hard for and a good conditioning after.

She then styled my hair with Bb. products that were made my lifeless hair as pictured here. The all smell great and did what they were supposed to do as indicated in the tube. Not pricey, I took to one especially for this reason. Root lift for limp hair, powered bu a little bit of heat. So I need a little blow dry at the roots. But can leave the rest of the hair to dry naturally. Let’s see if I can stick to that routine.

It all happened so quickly that before I knew it I was done at the counter paying my bill. With a lovely gift bag waiting for me with samples for me to try. Thanks dear Adam, and Thank you sweet Kelsey J at @hedkandi you are quite and awesome group as one of the coolest places in town! This place get two thumbs up from me to you!


With love,

Jaia Talisman