“Tink” has found a way to my heart!

Jenny Campbell a.k.a “Tink” was in da house of the maus (MausHaus Produktions) my production company, a.k.a  JaiaTalismanStylist that’s me, da haus, that’s my abode. Capisce? Good, because that’s the only way I can explain it…Phew!

So here’s the short of the long of it…literally. I was at the PARKSHOW, and being a VIP guest I got the goods in the swag bag. Lucky for me I got the ever so precious bracelet from the adorable “Jenny Campbell” a.k.a. “Tink” who’s jewelry line is unique, modern minimalism, entirely and captivatingly NOW!

When I met Tink, er, Jenny Campbell at The PARKSHOW and again at PARKSALE I knew very well that I needed to interview her. As her effervescent and glowing personality shone brighter than anyone else I saw there. I also saw her one last time at the LILAC FESTIVAL and knew that she was one to watch and one to give more attention to. For it was her booth that looked like an upscale boutique that blew me away. She had branded herself very well and it showed me she had done her homework. She understood her look, the  essence of the jewelry and that minimalism was definitely the way to display her pieces.


Her line consists of brass and copper and there is not one piece that makes you look at it and think to yourself  “I don’t get it”. It’s pure in it’s form and is simple in it’s meaning. All of the pieces speak of a special kind of freedom, and escape and magic that exists with out being outlandish or gaudy. It’s clean lines and gentle forms are as unique as Jenny is.

We talked a bit about her and her line and this is what she had to say;

  • She started “Tink” about 6 years ago.
  • She had always been curious about making things for herself, so she started making things with resin casting, thus making jewelry for herself.
  • Jenny wore her own pieces out and her pieces got noticed a lot and she got asked “Where did you get that, it’s so cool!”
  • People started wanting to buy the jewelry off her, so she started making some pieces for her to sell.
  • Jenny and some of her friends got together to sell their hand made art at the “The Market Collect”.
  • Her background is Scottish & French, but is a true Canadian girl.
  • Still in her early twenties she has a name that has created a buzz with “TINK”.
  • Her Feather Necklace is graced with such an affordable fee of only $28- plus GST.
  • Many of her pieces are laser cut resin, which sounds pretty high tech to me, but then again my laptop astounds me to no end writing this story to you.
  • As well, Tink feels that a lot of her pieces are going tribal in its feel, as that’s quite the look that fashion is headed.


Our interview went really well as we giggled our way through it and my dear friend and fabulous photographer GREG GERLA from Greg Gerla Photography, who’s known me ever since I started my modeling career locally at the age of 13 (For the Love of Pete!; “how times flies!) took the photos of this review.

Above I am interviewing Jenni and trying on her many gorgeous knuckle rings at only $8- a pop. There you see my holding one of Jenni’s favorite’s, the Bold Brass Crescent only $32- CDN.

I was also lucky to have such a beautiful girl such as Bryn Robertson from LK Model Management here in Calgary, wear some of these gorgeous pieces from Tink herself. .


Above Necklace: Hand Painted Blue Feather (Brass) $28- CDN


Above Necklace: Copper Pentagram Pendant $26- CDN

All of Jenni’s “TINK” pieces were absolutely gorgeous and well made. They were of excellent quality and were not feeling as though they were going to fall apart at the welded sites. TINK has my vote for sure. So much so , that I bought three rings, and Jenni gifted me the beautiful feather necklace as a thank you. You are most welcome Jenni! It was an obvious choice for me. These pieces are minimal and so affordable!.

We wish the best in your business Jenni, and may you prosper and share the world with your beauty!!! It was such a pleasure!


Jaia Talisman


Jewelry by: Jenny Campbell   Etsy: tinkbyjenny    Email:jennibell@live.ca

Model: Bryn Robertson   Agent: lk model management

Photography:  Greg Gerla Photography

Styling/Hair&Makeup: (me)