The Must Haves for this Summer

As summer has finally arrived and smiled down upon us, I look out the window and wonder why oh why, does the sun shy away from me? The clouds form like a giant soft box in the sky hiding all the blue that it has to offer, as I stand in the pouring rain listening to all the frogs singing all around my 2 acres of unfinished parcel of land.

Like a deer in head lights I stare into oblivion wondering tirelessly, “Summer, Summer, where for art thou, Summer?” A ungodly streak of silver pierces across the horizon and startles me followed by  the the grumbles of the God’s whatever it may be. I roll my eyes and go inside the house, where my dogs have been wondering about how insane I must be to just be standing there in the cold.  Agh! It was one of those days, where you wonder if you are the only person on the planet.

A Rainy Day on June 24, 2016

But even though we have days like this here in YYC living, we are also blessed with brilliantly hot days where dressing up isn’t an option. It’s like Bikram Yoga in your car, and a meat locker in the stores. *Shiver*. So how does one dress in such a diverse weather contrast that takes place within 10 – 60 minutes if itself?  What are the best pieces you should have in your closet right now?

My research gives us a few tips of what we should have in our wardrobe:

  • A crisp white cotton and/or crisp linen shirt (a little) oversized.
  • tank tops in silk, cotton and linen — in your most favorite shades of course
  • t-shirts; white, black and grey are the best colors to have as they are very neutral and you can wear them with just about anything.
  • A mini-tight jean jacket to wear over dresses and tights with tank tops.
  • White jeans, always seem so dressy that you can wear them to the farmers market, a night out with the girls or wear to work with a black blazer and a nice white cotton blouse or t-shirt.
  • The white runners seems a bit “What?” but I wouldn’t lie to you. Comfort and Polish add to this look when dressed casual.
  • And don’t forget to get a pretty floral dress, and I mean a pretty one. Don’t just run out and buy anything.
  • And finally take note of this… less is always more.