PARKSHOW 2016: Part two of Fashion Week in YYC

As the crowd slowly started to filter back in, after powdering noses and adjusting ties and tiara’s they began to take their seats. The crowd was a very eclectic one with fashion ranging from prom dresses & opera gowns to ripped jeans & the latest in high top bright white runners. As always no two looked alike, which is refreshing in itself. But there seemed to be a slight ignorance to age appropriate attire in every corner. Both men and women seemed at fault in this area, while the younger crowd either embraced their youth or wanted to grow up way to fast. Perhaps this fashion show would help those with any queries.

All in all there was plenty of people watching to be had, and once everyone took their seats and the lights turned down, we were all ready to be entertained by the fashions that were curated from Chinook Centres Fashion Mall and it’s inhabitants.

First ones out in the bright light was “Judith & Charles” well known for their tailored suits and awesome fitting shirts and pants for the office. However J&C also has gorgeous casual wear for woman ages 21-61 who want to dress to impress.

Next in line was “RW & Co.” with their affordable and colorful fashions for the summer!

“S.P. Badu” took the audience focus with their military inspired, strong constructed look, with very tailored edges and lines.



Coming out after the brief darkness was “Malika Couture”, with leather and fringes.

Welcome to the “House Of Nonie”. Structure. Tailored. Originality. Feminine. All these words describe her collection.


We finally come to the end of PARKSHOW with “Cara Cheung” with her summer whites, creams and blacks. A ready to wear line that is best described as sporty.



All in all PARKSHOW was another success, as it had sold out, and the support and collaboration that it had received from it’s sponsors and fashion bloggers like me made sure it got it notability that it deserves.Great job PARKONLINE! You really know how to rock it and put on a fantastic event!


The team of OURPARKONLINE, PARKSHOW, PARKSALE.PARKLUXE A brilliant group doing fantastic things for up and coming talent.

From all of us in the Social Media field we thank you for giving it all you got to support the local talent that YYC, that’s Calgary  for those who didn’t know, wouldn’t  have otherwise! A toast to you!!!!

Lots of love-

Jaia Talisman