PARKSHOW 2016: Fashion Week in YYC

It was Fashion Week in Calgary and with VIP tickets in hand, my friend Paulina and I went with all the excitement of two teenage girls at a Justin Bieber concert. It was a fashion stylist’s and fashion blogger’s dream! Oh and the variety of cool things you could purchase from the up and coming designers as well as the established ones.

Welcomed with bubbly and free macarons, the gelato, the freshly cold pressed juice, the VIP lounge, seeing all the friendly faces of friends and inspired local artists…did I mention the treasure trove of the merchandise there at great prices? Good Lord!! Good thing for my husband I only had $5- in my wallet and no credit cards, that’s all I have to say…good lord!

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 7.09.21 PM

Jaia Talisman & Paulina Ramis on the Red Carpet. Picture taken by: Michael Scott Vincent

It was so much fun and awe inspiring that I wished I could sew and whip up own line, but with my patience, it would get the better of me as I’d need to create an entire outfit in one day that I could wear the next day for a meeting. So, I leave it up to the professionals. Let’s take a look at the lineup for the night we went to PARKSHOW!!!

We went to our seats before the show began and found extra special treats waiting there for us. In it were gift certificates to a variety of places, free samples, a silver ring from Mackenzie Jones, with a gift card for 50% the top mount for the first ring  (second ring to complete the set). And a gorgeous brass bracelet from tink, a hemp soap bar, Bebe hair products, Kiehl’s and a little something from Dior.

It first started in complete darkness, the base of the music pulling at your heart and then, a bright light hitting the black curtain with the logo and name of the designer to be featured next, cue the models and boom! The lights went up and there the model stood in the most amazing Jewelry by Anne B. Accessories

Anne B’s look was very tribal inspired. It said “Go big or go home” to me. If you can’t see it from the other side of the street, it’s not big enough.Although Anne B. still makes accessories that are delicate and sophisticated, I just fell in love with her light weight wooden necklaces and earrings.

Next was Designer Anneke Forbes, well known for her Jacket line, was among the favorites with hoots and whistles from the audience, from her followers no doubt. Her line was quite lovely, my favorite from her collection was the Diamond Jacket as you will see in the photos below.

Next in line was Rebecca King, with soft muted tones, soft textures and the first sign of fall outerwear.


Nrthrntwns Workshop was an interesting twist to the show with their heavy duty men’s work wear. Strong denim fabrics, aprons and steel toed boots were all the message of the working man in this line.

This was just the first half of the show and the second half promised to be a promising one as well with the likes of: Judith and Charles, RW & Co., S.P. Badu, Malika Ryan, House of Nonie, and Carol Cheung, which will be covered in part two of my blog of PARKSHOW 2016: Fashion Week in YYC.

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Jaia Talisman