Desert Flower Red at CLUB MONACO

It was RSVP night Sunday night at Club Monaco, Chinook Centre. And the macaroons and bubbly were served freely with linen napkins, a friendly greeting and a smile at the door.

“We’ve been waiting for you Jaia, thanks for coming tonight, can we offer you a refreshment?” Can you? Well yes you can and show me the way to the new line of what’s new for summer before fall takes away my summer nights and sunny days PLEASE!!!

“Our newest addition to our summer collection is Desert Flower Red.”

Oh and what a brilliant red it is! So lovely, so vibrant, so on point with summer and denim and whites. For instance, it’s the right color to enhance whatever outfit that needs a little umpf of pizazz! Red lips, red shoes, white t-shirt, blue jeans, red jacket like this cool motorcycle style jacket for the wild child in all of us!


At a price that allows you to afford the t-shirt and the earrings to boot at just $298, it’s the way you pair it that brings out the best in this investment piece. A white lined dress and this jacket…thumbs up! A black tank dress and red tie up sandals, with this jacket, attitude! Blue jeans and a red and white striped off the shoulder knit top, rebellious and fun.


As soon as you walk into Club Monaco at Chinook you are greeted by three major tables and displays that show you the latest and the greatest hits of the season for Club Monaco. Always keeping their clientele informed of what’s hip and trendy, to keep them in the know. Now that’s service!!!

Here is what you’ll see right now showcasing their newest collection before their last summer shipment…

See how prominent the desert rose is alongside the delicate shade of nudes and pale pinks, nudes, greys and whites? It’s a gorgeous red without the hit of orange, but more of a blue undertone, making it much warmer and not so cold. It’s absolutely brilliant!

But after showing me all the vibrant reds, I found something that really caught my eye…this totally cute, adorable and pretty one piece jumper! I’m so in love with it, it was hard to say good bye! But have a look at how sweet the striped one piece looked on me and how the tiny little blue stripes almost completely disappear. It’s a must have for anyone with a long torso, like me:)


Cute right? great for almost any event in the hot summer sun where something classy is important but keeping cool is a must! Very sharp and super detail in it’s design. LOVE IT!

Thank you to everyone at Club Monaco for the VIP invite on this special night to see the new collection and to just wanting to chat and inspire our closets with a brilliant new color! Can’t wait to get my jumper soon! Special thanks to Store Manager Trevor Chambers, and all the lovely staff for being so welcoming and above all helpful and kind!


Trevor Chambers (Chinook Location Store Manager) and Me at the VIP event at Club Monaco Sunday Night June 12, 2016

Many Thanks My friends, just remember my jumpsuit size is a four and it needs me, desperately. I don’t have to lie. It’s a solid truth. My jumpsuit agrees with me.