My Birthday: Great Gift Ideas


So I had the most fun time on my 3 day Birthday Celebration. It was filled with friends, family and more friends. It couldn’t have been better this year. And since my birthday I’ve been so terribly busy so I apologize for it taking me this long to get to you with this blog story.

So my birthday being May 26th, Thursday, I decided to make it all about my husband and me. Perhaps a quiet dinner…said no one ever…well maybe somebody, but as if that ever happens! Husband took me to my favorite place, “Japanese Village“, and SURPRISE!!! Friends were there screaming “IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY!!!!”, well only my dear friend Stefenie, because she’s wonderfully crazy and the life of the party, god bless her:) Jane was there, quiet as a mouse, and Jason and Nicki were there too, ooooooo, do I see Gerard? YES I DO!!!  This is sounding a lot like Romper Room, anyone? Anyone? God I feel so alone? Never mind!!!! 😐

So it was time to order drinks…yup I ordered my usual, a Shirley Temple, with no less than three cherries and extra grenadine. Yeah I know I play hard…and this on a school night. So as the night progressed we got the show and tell. Well sort of. Usually you get the chef cooking and telling jokes and whole song and dance, which is entertaining no matter how many times you see it. But this night we got the no show no dance, just feed ’em and get ’em out version. Which was a real shame actually. That wasn’t why we went there. I wanted the silly jokes, and the crazy tricks. So It was a tad disappointing, but we did manage to get this pic of husband and I.

Johnny and I at Japanese Village yelling “SAKE”

On Saturday afternoon, I booked Gravity in Inglewood. I pre-ordered the best carrot cake this city has ever tasted, along with a carafe of their brewed coffee that serves 24 cups for my guests to come between the hours of 1-4pm and just stop in and have a slice of cake and a cup-o-joe. It was a pleasant afternoon of seeing some faces I hadn’t seen in a while and have some pleasant conversation. A truly lovely afternoon.  I would recommend this cafė to anyone as it has the most interesting artwork and atmosphere.

Sunday was dedicated to family where we met for a buffet and ate to our hearts content and met later at our home for coffee and a tour of our new home, that is still somewhat under construction, but felt complete with my family all there.

After all was said and done my 3 day long birthday celebration was so memorable and so cherished that I will not soon forget, but blog about it and share with you.

I received such treasured gifts that I thought I would share some of these brilliant ideas with you. Here are all the most lovely things that I received from my from friends and family.


Husband bought me this soft summer sweater in a light peach color
Friend Paulina got me this book that is great for entrepreneurs and light reading
Sweetheart Peyton made this hand blown glass cube and put a pink rose in it for me. Hand made things are so fabulous
Bestie Stefenie lovingly bought me a love, friendship and loyalty bracelet and my Mama, so cool bought me two…count ’em two J&C gift cards
Coco a.k.a. Connie, got me this sweet token of happiness with the words, “Think happy, Be Happy”…So True. And a gift to myself, these darling cuff earrings that dazzle beyond belief from Nordstrom sale.

I hope your birthday is as wonderful as mine is, no matter what you plan , or where you go. Just surround yourself with the ones you love and the one who love you just the same and everything will work out more than perfect.

With sincere wishes and warm thoughts, and oh yeah Happy Birthday if your celebrating yours today!!!