What to wear?


So here I am….Standing around lookin’ as if I wanna start a fight club in middle of the couture mall with some poor, helpless, meek individual. But there’s more than meets the eye here. It’s quite a day outside; rainy, cool with brisk winds and clouds dancing among the stars gathering in the  atmosphere amidst the quietness ready to scream and howl again. Oh wait…got a hangnail I’ve gotta fix that before we go out and do anything.

Oh and I must change from my work wear into my shopping get ’ems. What are shopping get em’s ? A pair of pants that you can pack on your body without having to carry shopping bags. Throw on my converse for shopping comfort, and my patch work jeans that are just a little too big (just enough so I  have to wear my favorite belt from Tory Burch)., my cozy Aqua  cashmere sweater from Bloomingdale’s with it’s hippie tie-dye 70’s revival, paired with a waterfall tiered silver necklace to match my silver leaf earrings. No socks as I love to be free.

Okay; check, check, check — hold up — okay got my bone straight beach hair and there’s no sense in setting it, I’ll take my All Saints Baggy Rain Protector with it’s deep pockets for all kinds of things  — if a purse is not your speed.

I look so tough in this photo which may be alright if I were in a gang, but as that’s not the case I blame it on my creepy shopping face.

Silver earrings from Nordstrom by Judith Jack and High top runners :Converse classic, Black and White hightops. Long jacket from All Saints; amazing for light rainy days.

So my question was answered when I saw my final look. I’m dressed to shop!