Poor Little Rich Girl

We all know them, most of us are them. Poor Little Rich Girls. Cash poor, credit a plenty, but still on a major streamlined budget. We love to look like we are clothed in; the richest of fabrics with the trendiest brands, but alas we are dressed in bargain finds, sales items  and things we find in the bargain bins. And guess what? There is nothing wrong with that.

In fact I have a great deal of respect for those that can pull off their own look that is so inspirational and stand out from the mundane. To create a look that is unique but still on trend is a special gift, and some people have it while other women need a stylist to help them expand their horizon of their wardrobe. To create a look that is all your own takes risk and leaps of faith as we all worry about what other people may think. But it takes true courage to go past what other s think and be comfortable with making your own statement.

When done right, we can look haute and on point by mixing and matching with cool expensive finds from consignment stores to sales bins at places like Joe fresh and tailor an outfit for next to nothing and look as if we’ve been styled by the best in the industry, like  by me for instance:)  Again…if we do it right. It’s always knowing how and what to mix together and what to stay away from. It’s being able to to know the difference between good quality and just plain junk.

Poor little rich girls know how to shop for just the right pieces and how to put a complete look together with little to no effort. Today I’m going to show you just how to do just that- I’m going shopping with $50.00 CDN and get a chic look for going out on a beautiful spring evening. I’m going to go look for a cute tank top, a skirt and a pair of cute summer shoes to go with my silver necklace and silver earrings. But I’m still keeping it classy & elegant with out compromising my small budget. So let’s go shopping! Follow me…

This silver necklace I’ve had forever, it’s simple but sweet.


These silver hoop earrings are so basic that they can go with practically everything.

While on my shopping mission for a tank top that I could wear not only with one outfit but with more of my things at home I wandered into Dynamite.  I’d never stepped foot in there before, so I had no idea what I was in for. But I did find a very versatile light knit top in a speckled light grey for only $24.95 as seen below.


Then as I perused the back of the store I happened upon this sweet little treasure of a rack with special sale items. And there looking back at me was an adorable light knit skirt which is very popular this year if you don’t already know that or own one! And when I looked at the price, low and behold…$12.99!!! Couldn’t believe my bargain seeking eyes! So I snatched that up as well. For the two pieces I paid only for $38.80 including tax.


Oh yeah…last on my mission were cute little shoes. But where? Wandering through the flood of people on Monday’s rainy day in Chinook Centre Fashion Mall, I saw a shimmer of silver from the corner of my eye. $9.99 for a pair of dainty flip flips from Ardene of all places. Another place I never pay much attention to.


Bada-bing-bada-boom I felt alive and so proud of myself A complete outfit for so little! So I take my ever so happy finds home and put it all together to show you this… “My Spring Night Out” ensemble for less than $50- CDN and it looks smart, sophisticated, casual chic and fun…just as I wanted.

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Hope you had a lovely long weekend everyone, one less day of work this week, bwahahahahaha! Enjoy!!!