Sweater Weather: 100% Cashmere

So perhaps I may have been a tad too romantic about May. Especially waking up to this grim snowy day like this, this morning. Brrrrrrrr, not what I had in mind while dreaming of summer months and basking in the Sun’s natural Vitamin D.

So, I figured it would be some good advice and make sure that you not pack away those light summer sweaters just yet. But if all you have are those heavy bulky sweaters that are more like heat packs, perhaps it’d be a good idea to invest in light 100% cashmere sweaters to keep the cool at bay. As it’s always advised to layer in weather like this, as you never know what will happen in the next 5 minutes, think layering in light layers.

And with these gorgeous cashmere sweaters on a major sale right now, you got nothing to lose, and only comfort and good looks to gain.

These beautiful 100% cashmere sweaters in pink, blue and grey, are on sale right now, originally from $310- to $ 186- brilliant dollars! When you feel the lightweight, extra soft texture of these sweaters you’ll have to hold yourself back from buying all three. Trust me, I already have two of them already.

So where do you get them? Well Judith and Charles of course! New York, you know what I’m talking about!!! Calgary, Toronto, Montreal, can I get a Shout Out!!!! Come on down to Chinook Centre today to get one before they’re gone, because they have a limited supply left. I have two as I’ve already said, and I can vouch for their quality and comfort. Get ready to be blown away!

Happy shopping Ladies!

Keep warm…

Jaia Talisman