Wednesday at a Glance

Ahhhh, the month of May. It’s the time to think of flowers emerging, budding leaves, blue skies and white cotton puff clouds…and let’s not forget the sun. The sun that makes the days feel like forever and the nights warmer, while it sets the horizon on fire with its tints of red, orange and yellow hues.

It’s also the month of my birthday, the emerald stone, Taurus’s and Gemini’s like me. It’s the month of communication and resolve. May is my month to figure out what’s next on my agenda and take a glance at where I’ve been and where I’m going.

No matter who you are or what month it is, when Wednesday comes around, take a moment to assess your week. What you have accomplished and what you still wish to get off that list before the weekend comes. Create that list and cross those headaches off one at a time. By the time the weekend hits, the amount of stress lifted from your mind and shoulders will be bygones and you can enjoy yourself.

Do what the intelligent successful people do. Write things down, take glances at your progress, at what still needs to be done. Have an agenda and stick to it. All people with great minds have routines. My agenda today, is making sure you do just that. Take a glance and do what you gotta do, to make your weekend yours again.

Happy Hump Day Everyone!


Jaia Talisman