PARKFORUM: The Weekend Classes on Fashion, Design and your Future

The Calgary PARKFORUM Weekend Classes will be forever etched in my mind. There were so many things that I learned and others things that reminded me that I was on the right track with own instinctual spirit.

I met some amazing people of whom shared the same mindset and goals for the future as I had, which led to some great friendships. PARKFORUM was one of these things that Calgary has been hungry for, for quite some time, in the Fashion Industry. And because of people like Kara Chomistek, she has made programs like this possible for those who are thinking of starting a business, moving their business forward, expanding and taking their business to a whole new level, or for those looking for tips and tricks of the trade.

The Special Guest Speakers were hand selected to talk about particular topics that would lend to what entrepreneurs are seeking answers to, such as: Quan Ly & Randall McRae (Accounting for Success),.Robert Fooks (Legal Consideration for Creative Startups), Beverly Gan (The Manufacturing Process), Michael Bussoli (Intro to the Apparel Innovation Centre), Danny Hogg (Gentlefawn – A case study), Leslie Gould (Grassroots Socail Media- just the tips), Gus Bautista (Funding your Design Adventure), and finally, Megan Szanik (The Industry Q & A)…A real star list of people with great advice and unique backgrounds. And at such an amazing price for the entire weekend it was worth every penny.

 I made such a wonderful connection there that weekend with the designer and owner of Honubelle Swimwear, Julia Barnes. If you wish to read more about about her line and about Julia please read my last blog story; “Is your body: Like Honubelle ready?” It’s been doing very well and you may enjoy the read and the swimsuits.

Please check out the PARKFORUM site for more information on upcoming events, like the PARKSHOW May 27 & 28th, 2016. You want to make sure not to miss it. VIP tickets Tier one are sold out but there are some other tickets still available but going fast, so don’t delay!!!

My friend and partner & I went together to PARKFORM WEEKEND and will be going to the PARKSHOW, so we hope to see you there. We had an eye opening experience, that was exciting and encouraging. I highly suggest this weekend to all & any anyone looking for a class that will inspire you to do what you dream of doing, and getting the answers you’re looking for from the people in the know.



A very big thank you to Kara Chomistek and everyone on the committee of PARKFORUM for being so kind and helpful. Paulina and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts. A special shout out to Phil Vaive.