The Ultimate Woman’s Suit: Judith & Charles

Typically one would think that all women dress to impress the men in the world, especially in the workplace to show a position of authority, and establishment within the company, the seriousness in which you put into your job and the the attention you command among   the men’s-club of the corporate world of  North America.

Although this is fairly accurate and somewhat a given in the corporate world where a woman has to prove her self-worth in the task force against “Mister Schmo”. And  the only thing he needs to do is smoke that gosh awful cherry pipe/cigar  with the boss after  a great day on the market and a few shots of of hot brandy and an aged scotch and a few pats on the back and you’re like his son to win his affection. But a woman, we just struggle to emerge out our cocoons and emerge with the most respected attire and shoes to match.

But take away the chaos of the corporate world of the male influence for example… and you will find that women will find that women dress for more for their female counterparts/colleagues then for men. It also has to to do with a self image and who means what to who?

It’s all has to do with one’s  own personal state of self-worth, and most importantly EGO!

Think of the days of Katherine Hepburn, Audrey Hepburn, Coco Channel; All Powerful Women who wore suits, they wore them because it made a powerful statement. Not only did it look great on them, but it also commanded the attention they deserved, from men and women alike. But when women dress for women it’s for self expression of the finer details of what makes each an individual, a true original to the other. Their perfume, the manicure, the makeup, the way she pulls back her hair, her choice of accessories, the way she applies her lipstick… the subtleties that make the woman unique.

The power of a suit on a woman has traveled throughout time, and it’s classic allure is still alive today if worn correctly and tailored just right to fit her form. There is no room for error when it comes to making a lasting first impression. Three seconds to be exact. Not a lot of time, so make sure to do it right the first time!

Here is the top boutique I would recommend for women to get their suits from and I think you may be pleasantly surprised. After all being a stylist I’ve had to suit up a lot of Executives and I’ve never found quality in women’s suits quite like this that is Canadian made. I mean there is London’s favorite Ted Baker who designs the sweetest little number for women and is one of my favorites. Then there’s Chanel but let’s face it, only the chosen few can afford that, as classic and as beautiful as the line is. But we want something a lot more than J. Crew for a business atmosphere.

So here it is…. Number 1 above all others, a Canadian Boutique with unsurpassed quality and design of JUDITH & CHARLES. It’s with the highest of respect that I speak of this company and the quality that they deliver with their garments. Not only have I been shopping there long before I started working there part time, I fell in love with the clothing.

With it’s Fine Italian Stretch Wool Suiting that is breathable and fantastically soft and drapes, just so. This suit is a true dream fabric. In a perfect shade of black, this suit is amazing. Jacket, skirt , and two pairs of pants to choose from this is the ultimate suit of choice. It is so beloved by their clientele they wear them until they wear them out, and then they come back and buy it all over again. “It’s so different in the fact that we are always reinventing it. We are always redesigning the pant to fit the needs of our clientele and to keep the suit looking fresh. It’s very tailored, and a great investment for under $1000- CDN for three pieces, you get a fabulous suit in our all season Italian Wool.” says Stefenie Hart, manager of JUDITH & CHARLES Chinook Location, Calgary.

Please do yourself a favor and check out Judith & Charles on line on the hyperlink above and see what they may have in store for you. Or just stop by our Chinook Centre location and drop by and say hello! We’d be ever so happy to help you find your perfect suit.  If you’d like to book a fitting or an appointment please call us at #403.252.5206. If you’d like to book and appointment to see me in particular ask to see Jaia Talisman and I will make sure to be there on a day that is most convenient for your schedule.

Ciao Bella’s

Much love