The Perfect Collaboration in Fashion

I love working with the best in the industry when collaborating on a creative, as this is a most critical time to showcase you inner most self expression of who you really are as far as fashion is concerned. And this is where hiring an assistant or teaming up with your friend in the business can be crucial in delivering the goods in the final project.

My dear friend Paulina Ramis and I are a perfect match when it comes to a dynamic duo. We are so simpatico with one another when working. We read one another’s needs and requirements as well as see what’s next without asking the other for the answer. But we do check for eachother’s final okay on the overall look. We don’t tread on one another toes or one command over the other. It’s very much a marriage of two artists that understand the others creative expression.And ours is one that we respect and  happens to be a perfect match.


Finding such a person in the business is not as easy as it sounds, as our meeting was something that really happened by chance. While being booked on a major creative that would be submitted to various magazines I knew I needed an assistant, but I needed a skilled fashion orientated individual that would be able to keep up with me and work it. I somehow got Paulina’s Number so I gave her a call as she was highly recommended.

After our first coffee, I hired her as our conversation was so constructive and I could hear her passion for nothing but the freshest, best and most current looks possible. Her photography was impeccable and her Instagram site had the most influential photographs. She had a taste like mine only more soft and eloquent, where mine can be more bold and sassy. But as a combination we would flourish.

Now Paulina and I are always seeking for the next possible story or project we can cover as I style and she can photograph as a team. Our services are for hire and we’d love to be able to cover your new shop of fashion or fashionable event happening soon. Please email me, Jaia Talisman, at for any Calgary and area locations about what you have going on as we would love to write about it and blog about it.

Sincere Thanks,

Jaia Talisman