Nigh-T night: Fashion Faux Pas?

Well, as you may already know my insomnia has stolen my sleep from me already, as it’s but only 1:08 a.m. and I’ve already overslept my welcome. As I sit here in bed I wonder about my clothing collection, and know full well that some pieces must go. As a stylist and such, I know the rules of keeping my closet current and weeding out what I really don’t need, or just get rid of the what were once the “it” pieces.

But it’s always easier to do it for someone else than it is for yourself. I mean, I look at a piece and figure that it  could get pulled for a fashion spread or a show as a special addition to an outfit. But I’m not planning on becoming a hoarder so I must become stricter with myself.

However I have still have not tended to my sleep wear drawer. A drawer of mismatched tops and bottoms. Yes, I admit I’ve become the t-shirt and cozy baggy fit pants for bedtime. Not exactly top of mind when one thinks of sexy, but comfort is my security blanket when I come home from a long day of work and I just want to melt into the couch.

Does it make my husband swoon over me? Probably not, even though he tells me I look adorable and sexy and and and….I have a hard time believing it. I mean wouldn’t he love to see me in some sexy black or black and pink number that clings to my body like celaphane? Or perhaps a delicate white teddy with a tiny pink bow resting between my ample bossum?

I’m not sure, as he always tells me how beautiful I am no matter what. So basically I’m not getting a straight answer. In my own investigation, men like sexy clothing on women 100% of the time. So why would I accept less from my hubby of almost 19 years? We have not grown complacent, nor do we take one another for granted on any way. Every night is date night and every morning we fall in love again.

As I watch the sun rising and hear the birds outside, (Yes it’s taken me 5 hours to write this) my heart warms, for I am loved unconditionally. Whether my cozy nighty night time cozies be a hit or a a complete disaster.I am very lucky to have a man like I do. One that loves me like he does. Which I suppose is most women’s dream to have come true.

Whatever you choose to wear to bed make sure it’s what makes you feel good, whether it be t-shirts and baggy stretchy yoga pants, to the allure of velvet and silk. Know that you are the prize and you are the one to be loved unconditionally because you deserve it.Everyone does.

Good Wednesday my Friends,  Have a Great Day!