It’s 3:00 am, Happy Wednesday Morning!

PARKFORUMMy constant battle with insomnia has gotten me to my wits end. Since 3am this morning I’ve had a lot of time to contemplate my life and how the lack of sleep affects me.I want to do so much in any given day, and lack the energy it takes to get everything done. I want to look fabulous and do my hair and my makeup, but lately I’m lucky to make it anywhere on time because of this fatigue syndrome. And my mood has taken a toll on my forgiving nature and tolerating patience.

So, I sit here in bed propped up by 5 cushions so that if I do fall asleep I wont fall over, or face plant onto my keyboard. I just ate the world’s largest cookie, hoping I’ll get a sugar crash to get perhaps a half hour snooze in there somewhere, but that would be some heavy duty luck. My suffering aches and pains is all stress related and the migraines don’t help. As you an tell I am not what you call a morning person, but then again, when your body has no respect for daytime and night time features of the body getting rejuvenated, it’s pretty hard to call 3am GOOD MORNING!!

But TGIW, half way to the end of the week in which I start a new venture in addition to the many hats that I already wear. Although I will keep MUM about it for awhile until I get my bearings worked out.

I apologize for not writing more often as my hubby and I have slowly been moving into our “Still to be completed home.” But what can one expect? it was supposed to be built in 9 months and it’s only been over 2 years and a smidge…not like I want to run a smear campaign (although i should) on all the crooked tradesmen out there who have taken the money and ran, never showed up, did faulty work, put liens on our house even though they hadn’t finished the job as per contract agreement…I really have nothing to complain about.Oh did I mention that our GC spent way over the limit of our budget and our loan company wouldn’t loan us anymore money, because he was hoping we’d fail so he could take over our home and property? Yeah!

Okay I know I sound terrible this morning, but between moving into an unfinished home, producing 5 videos, styling, taking on a part time job, getting back into hair and makeup by request from photographers, having my short film in two festivals and not being able to go, I have but two thing to look forward to for sure.


All my love to you all, from the pouty insomniac herself…

Jaia Talisman