Roughin’ it with a touch of Western Style

“The Spirit of Alberta”

This quote is seen and heard everywhere here in Alberta. It is the most used slogan on television, radio and video content. It’s on Buses, Billboards, Posters and Car Stickers abound. So what is the Spirit of Alberta exactly? Let me share this with you.

It is the culmination, collaboration, determination and persistence through the help of the Canadian Government to sustain and provide Albertans with the true spirit of all cultures that make us who we are today. It is the multi-racial, multi-faceted and broad spectrum of cultures that have made Alberta as great as it is and as strong as it is. We are proud to be in a place where we love our neighbors no matter what ethnicity and spiritual values they uphold. We are all one and respect one another for we all are all human beings seeking a better life for ourselves and our families and friends.

And so when I say The Spirit of Alberta, it’s with every being, every beating heart of this city that we speak of as we are truly the spice of Canadian Life. As we have all come here from somewhere else, or at least our parents or great grandparents have. And for that I am grateful, for we are truly free here to be ourselves, and celebrate it!

So I will celebrate my German, Italian, Norwegian, Canadian Heritage and style with this outfit I put together when my honey said “Let’s go to Banff my love, the weather is perfect, we’ll have some fun today!” And I immediately thought, “What will I wear?” Always the first thing on my mind.IMG_3814

This casual “Mountaineer Woman” style is brought to you from my closet. As I rummaged through my things and clawed my way to the back of my closet I found my Plaid Shirt from, yes, Ardene, not to pricey, if I recall it was #29.99 when I got it, so very affordable.The Jean Jacket is a true blue Levis Short cut woman’s jacket which was about, and I’m going way back here…$198-. The Faux Fur Vest, from my friends at Club Monaco in Chinook Centre from a couple of years ago, was at least $169-. AG jeans purchased in Nieman Marcus Los Angeles, with Alexa Chung as their muse and designer on these, went for almost $300- USD. That was the big splurge. And now Johnny is looking at me as in they were how much. Hehehehe…ooops!

Layering is the message here. For abrupt weather changes, it’s great to layer as not to over heat, or be too cold. Plus layering is a great way to challenge your styling talents. It makes outfits look pulled together and thought out. I thought that the whimsy of a plaid hunters shirt with a faux fur vest was a great oxymoron. Those with their wits about them would have gotten that and had a chuckle. I like the popped up collars as it adds sophistication, that’s if it stays. Mine seemed to fall a lot, and there are others that just are not made for that sort of look. So make that call when styling yourself. Silk collars are definitely out for popping up. Way too flimsy.

A good timepiece is a smart investment. My hubby may have splurged on this Burberry watch for me, but I’ve had it for years and it hasn’t failed me yet…knock on wood! But you don’t have to spend that much to get a good quality watch. Check out or for different styles and look at the ratings. It will help you to make a wise purchase. Once you have found what you are looking for, go to your favorite department store like The Hudsons Bay Company or Nordstrom and see if they have it. If not in store they may be able to order it for you, saving you on shipping fees etc. Another way to save a few dollars where you can in this economy.

Well that was my roughin’ it with a western touch. I know I was a little conservative, but please do pardon me, “I AM CANADIAN!”

Thank you for reading,