Stylin’ in the Rocky Mountains: Banff National Park


Roots is known for their comfortable outerwear and leather goods. All made in Canada, it makes us proud to have such good quality made here at home. I would say it’s great for roughin’ it in the wilds of the Alberta Rockies, keeping you super warm. As well as clothes, they also have fantastic boots, shoes, belts, jackets, coats, and baby wear.



The Hudsons Bay Company stripes, a long legacy, is well known no matter what shade they try to swap them into for a new collection. Even Jack Purcell took Converse to whole new level with his 2013 take on them. See Canadians can be trend setters too! 🙂

I neither endorse nor deny these items…purchase at your own risk!

We only got a couple of shots before we got scolded by a disgruntled employee who didn’t even look at us while doing so. So needless to say, I’m sure sales are slow at the back of the store in the moccasin department…heesh! However some really great finds there.


So that was our day in Banff just an hour drive from Calgary, Alberta. A gorgeous scenic drive to get away from it all to get into a whole new world unlike the everyday, even if it’s just for the candy store. But I have one more thing to share with you before we call it a day. Here is a great little pub called Toque, pronounced Tōk. In America we’d call it Caps. But in the Great White North, we do like it a little quirky!


Hope you enjoyed the trip eh?

Much love,