Diary from an Insomniac

I’m learning a lot about myself writing these fashion blogs on a daily basis, and learning a lot about what makes my viewers want to read them. Sometimes I am at a loss as to what would make you tune in and “like” a story. There are other times when I think I have something golden and yet I get no “likes”, no “comments”, not even a passer by creating wind upon my pages of my digitally heavy pages.

Just when I think I have a handle on things and I’m doing well, I have a string of failing stories, and I think to myself…”Am I wasting my time?” In the grand scope of things “do I really exist out there?” It’s a lonely world this blogging world, it’s just really me and my camera and my computer. The loneliest times of all are nights like these; 3:42am. The house is silent. The dogs are snuggled under their blankets, hubby beside me, purely asleep. A natural sleep, to an insomniac like me it’s only a dream that I’m awake to miss.

“Sigh”,  I wonder each night before I sit down to blog, what is it that you would like to hear about, read about, know about? It is Easter Long Weekend after all, and I’m sure your weekend if full of more interesting things other than what is trending right now in the  shoe department at Holt’s.

I mean I could talk about chocolate bunnies, and colorful eggs, pastel ensembles, and sweet little chick and pony petting zoo’s on a local farm. Or there’s the religious factor to partake in this weekend if that’s important to you. I figure a lot of you have gone on a short vaca to get away from the mundane of everyday life, which is always good for the soul.


With it being so late in the early hours of the night or is that in the morning? I am fragile, sensitive and vulnerable to all my emotions as I am so very tired, yet not sleepy. To my dismay and utter disappointment. So if anyone happens to read this, this weekend, please let me know what blogs you’ve enjoyed about reading from , or just tell me what you’d like to read about or what you would like me to to do for my blog.

Happy Saturday!