For the Ballerina in all of us: Just wrap and tie

For those of us with ballerina wishes, where if only we were slight enough, determined enough, and willing to allow our tiny toes to dry, split, crack and bleed….

I give you these; the gift of a lifetime. The ballerina sandal, flat and cozy shoe that emulates that of a ballerina shoe with ties included. To make you feel all the bit beautiful and on trend without the pain and ugly feet to go with it.

Halogen in Pink, White and Black: $189-    Ivanka Trump Blue: $289-

There are a large selection out there, but be careful not to just but the first ones you buy. I tried on the ones from Ivanka Trump, and found that, as cute as the were they least comfortable and and held very little support.  While the BP’s and the Halogen were much better priced, and oddly enough, had more support. Even though they were pointy shoes, they weren’t pinched at the front at the toes. As well loads of room for wide feet, which I have, which were a marvelous discovery for comfort all around. No foot spillage anywhere to be had. With an array of styles and colors to choose from, and different tie ups, your pretty feet can me as dainty as dainty as you’d like them to be this summer.

BP in Black & White: $89.97     Ivanka Trump Black: $289-

Stay tuned for my Espadrilles, Wedged Heels and Colorful Heeled Tie Ups Special coming soon! it’ll be so much fun with the coolest of looks and intricate of details. Don’t miss it!

A toast to Happy Feet!