Building your closet: Starting with the basics PART #1

So we shall pretend you’ve come to me and you’d like me to go through your closet and sort through all your clothes. You would like me to get rid of all of the things that I feel no longer belong in your closet, based on these few elements:

  1. They no longer fit you
  2. They are out of this world ugly and no longer in style
  3. They have just been worn way past their expiration date and are falling apart
  4. They are pieces that can still work with the right pieces if you had them
  5. Donation Donation Donation

It’s time to breathe fresh air in your closet and build a wardrobe that will carry you through one full month of mixing and matching that makes you look like you have 30 brand new outfits for everyday of the week. This is very possible with affordable good finds and with your dedication to make this work, we will build “Da Bomb” of a closet that will all your friends and family going, “Damn gurrrrrl, You got yo wayzzzzz”, “Oooo, I do testify!” Or if your with a more conservative group they’d be more “Yeah Susan, way to go.You are in for a great time, enjoy the experience but make sure they don’t let them take those beads you earned at Mardi-Gras LOL LOL LOL LOL hehhehehehhehehhehhehehheh1

You would have come to me for a reason, and gosh be darned if I’m going to let anyone come between your clothes and me. You put your faith in me to help make you look super fine and that’s why I do what I do. So let’s get started as my time is nor cheap and this advice is priceless.Okay we’ve softly murdered your closet. We dusted and vacuumed, sprayed fabreze and opened a window to get some life back into the closet.


Once all is sorted and the closet is empty we can take a look at what we have left to work with and what we still need to get to work with the pieces we have left to make the closet work in harmony with one another, to make getting dressed in the morning or at night as easy as it is to say: YOULOOKTOTALLYGHASTLSYINTHATONESIZEFITSALLUNITARDSUIT.

Based 0n what you’re needs and requirement are, that is what your wardrobe shopping kit needs to get back to the nitty gritty and back to basics that will strengthen your favorite pieces in your closet. I want your closet to be strong and and speak volumes about you.

So let’s talk about our goals are, what are the basics we need to kick start you closet? Write these must haves down right now so you’ll have these on a list to take with you for when you go out later to start this scavenger hunt, as that’s kinda what this will be like to find the right shape and cut to fit you and your attiude.

  1. Black Blazer
  2. Black Casual Dress Pants
  3. White Blouse
  4.  Black Small heeled Shoes


Now we need:

  1. A great White Blazer
  2. Little Black Dress
  3. Nude heels

For some casual basics we would need the following:

  1. A perfect fitting pair of stylish jeans
  2. Stylish Hip Runners or Booties
  3. Good quality t-shirts in various colors.
  4. Hat/Cap

These pieces are the very first pieces of what I would recommend to anyone starting over should they come to me to re-do their closets and shop with them. These staples are major fundamentals of mixing and matching throughout a week with whatever you may have to work with in your closet.

Now don’t get me wrong, each person, each friend, each client would be treated uniquely as each person has their own special needs and requirements, and would be treated as such. So just know as far as I know you’re wardrobe from a startup standpoint would need to begin with these delicious beginnings!