REBECCA MINKOFF: size matters

size matters, especially when it counts…which is like all the time. so this story is all about how the best things come in small packages. including rebecca minkoffs mini purses, backpacks, and clutches that come in array of colors styles and patterns.

tassels, quilted, zippers, buttoned. black, white hot pink and red. if it’s micro and adorable it’s there. so what’s so special about these seemingly useless accessories other their uniqueness and trending qualities? well let’s discuss.

these trendy leather goods are great additions to add to your purse, for quick change, key fobs, keys, lip gloss, chapstick, tissues. or when going out a tiny clutch for i.d. credit card and small bills and house/car keys. when i got mine, i attached it to my purse for my business cards so i don’t have to dig through my bucket bag looking for them looking unprepared and clumsy. and i tend to be a tad clumsy so this has worked out well for me. it fits my square moo cards like a charm. i got the “love cross body key fob” in black.

try one on for size and let me know what you think of them right here on my blog as I’d love to hear from you:)