First Day of Spring: Means Bright, Fresh, Colorful Palettes and Patterns to Boot

Congratulations on making it to the first day of Spring on this the 20th day of March, 2016. Although it was Sunny outside today , it was still  was a tad brisk and cool. With the weather being where we are, we’re sure to have some snow fall and heavy rain fall to add to our Canadian Spring time weather.Nonetheless we have made the leap forward to brighter better days a head so let’s start getting ready.

I put on my favorite brights and patterns shirt combo with my so 70’s jeans and a sweater to wear on top to keep that snappy crisp air at bay. Put on some bright lipstick and my comfiest shoes (not so much the best for this outfit shoes) as we were going to do a lot of walking today. My shades and added a twist to my hair and off we went.