LA’s Jewelry Designer: I introduce to you Ellen Singer

The sweetest most and effervescent Ellen Singer of Los Angeles is one of the most sought after Jewelry Artisan makers in all of California. Her pieces are made; dreamed to life with Ellen’s allure to fairy tales and those of mystical creatures and foggy nights where magic happens and traditions live on.

Ellen’s finesse and magical taste in jewels are obvious in her pieces as shown below…She brought all her favorite pieces with her as we sipped our coffee’s at a local Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, and spoke of fairy tales and the names she had carefully chosen for her pieces of brass, copper and antique reimagined pieces.

There are the ones I had chosen for myself, as I had found them utterly divine. Long and bone like with their tooth like armor called simply: “Double Tier Spike “Earrings: $40- (Brass & Howlite). Oh, I see : ” Mirror Mirror”: $32- Necklace (Plated Brass & Mirrored Pendant). The very Gorgeous “Warrior” Earrings: $26- (Brass).

You can hear by the names ,the magical and fairy tale inspirations, that these pieces are made with all her heart and soul. Made with love, by her own two hands, for her customers, giving each piece integrity and special detail. I found each piece to be very clean and made as if made by an exclusive high-end jeweler. And I suppose that’s what Ellen and Angelcake Jewelry on Etsy really is.

“Dragon Slayer” Necklace and Pendant: $24- and matching earrings: $28- are a a delicious duo to ward of any spineless enemy you’d come across. You be well protected and feel like true royalty in these gorgeous vintage beads and brass backings. And the prices (Which are all USD) are nothing to complain about. So affordable, you’ll have enough to get a guest pass for the royal ball that Saturday night.


“Medieval Magic” will always rule the land and necklines with his gorgeous beaded (glass beads and glass gem) and brass necklace. Modern/Retro Chic has everything going for this one of a kind piece. Another kirtsy to Ellen for such a dedireable piece full of wisdom and charm. “Medieva Magicl: $48-

Crescent Moon Earrings by Ellen Singer .  Jewelry Designer . 2016 . Photographs by Jaia Talisman

Check it out at the link provided on Etsy, or get in touch with Ellen herself for a “One on One” consultation in order to have a piece custom made for you, or a bridal party, or for that special someone in your life for that special day. Ellen Singer would be than happy to do that with you, as that is one of her specialties. All of her pieces are made with found pieces, vintage and brass pieces, but can use silver or any other metals if you so desire as this will however adjust your budget. She will also make sure that the earring hoop is either silver or allergy free for those with sensitive lobes.

After our meeting was over, we chatted a bit and we realized we had a kinship. Hugs were exchanged and pictures were reviewed. All was goof in hand. Then, Ellen gave me this sweet little pink taffetta bag with these special hand made earrings she had made for me. They were so delicate and sweet. “Just like you…”, she said.”Oh really” I responded, “Oh Gosh!”, I hadn’t figured on these too. I felt so blessed, and that by an angel, no kidding!

Please check out the following sites for info on Ellen Singer to get in contact with her…and the cool place we met at…

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Ellen Singer