LA Day #3: Kit and Ace (The Basics for Life)

Good Morning my Fashionista’s, Followers and Visitors to my blog. Today I am going to talk about one special place that I visited yesterday, here in the land of wishes and dreams.

I was invited to come to Kit and Ace in El Segundo California, to discover this fairly new brand of high end non-yoga clothes, that can go from day to night. Work to a day out shopping. Erin Mastopietro, gave me the tour and the story behind the clothing store as well as the low down on the amazing clothing line itself. She really took her time with me as I noticed she did with all her customers, which is how all customers should be treated when spending good money for high end pieces that are major staples for their closet. Both Erin and her staff get a major “pat on the back” for being so on top of it and knowing their clienteles needs and suggesting just the right “mix and match” options.

I found that all pieces were all so very soft and comfy. Stretchy and form fitting, and yes, I give this store an A+ in design, structure and comfort. The big test will come from the fact that everything they have is totally washable…even their washable silk pants! Yes that’s right, washable silk pants. This whole idea frightened me, but Erin swears by it, so I reckon she’s not a liar. So props to Ace and Kit for figuring this out! Hurray!!! All working women on the go rejoice!!!

I went through the store with Erin and we picked out some pieces to try on and give them a go, so I could evaluate their fit and feel the fit for myself. So here are some of those looks, and I’m sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what Kit and Ace has to offer that is if you don’t know them already. Note the details.

Rhodes Trouser: $198-     Henley: $98-

The One On Scarf: $49-     Front of Line Skirt: $148.00    Faye Sleeveless: $68-

Mulberry Pant: $149-    Party Poncho: $468-    Rion Long Sleeve: $98.00

Willow Brushed Long Sleeve: $118- (Cashmere)    Turn Up the Volume Trouser: $268- (Silk)

Mulberry Pant: $148-    Rion Long Sleeve: $98-    Boyfriend Fit Court Tee: $78-    Fit & Flare Watts Flare Pants: N/A

Sleek Sleeveless Top: $116.00    Gotham Culotte: $188-    Red Scarf: $48-

Erin & Jaia at Kit and Ace in El Segundo at THE POINT

Thank you so much Kit and Ace for the tour and for the warm welcome to your store. Ellen & Bert, you two are fantastic. Thank you for treating me so well! My very best to you both and the continued stores success!