LA Day #5: Whaler, Mani-Pedi’s, Rag & Bone

On today’s Agenda:

  1. Meet with my Besties at the local VENICE WHALER
  2. Go to Marina Del Rey to get a Mani-Pedi by the BEST in town
  3. Visit my friends at Melrose Ave RAG & BONE
  4. Write about it & share with my friends


Ah, so good to see the beautiful faces of my best friends in Los Angeles, and that they made the time for me to hang and chat the morning away over brunch over looking the beach and wild ocean, was amazing. We met in Venice at the VENICE WHALER at 11:00 am, and ate sooo healthy, which is easy to do in California as there is no such thing as a strange request to substitute something for another thing. LA is the king of diets, so they’re used to hearing it all. Ella, Elísabet, Maní, Johnny and I after stuffing our faces. We made sure the table was cleared off so that you couldn’t see what we really ate, as healthy eating is one’s own perspective. So we shall leave it at that.

The location is right at the very end of Washington Blvd. In fact it’s address is #10 Washington Blvd. Which would make the ocean #1! Which is totally obvious:) The food there was nothing to brag about, but if your in the mood for brunch, in the area and love the beach , the menu does have a good variety. Perhaps it just didn’t speak to me and my taste buds, but my friends seemed somewhat satisfied. I would rate it as moderately good based on everyone’s facial expressions. Good staff, good service and decent atmosphere. It was a bar in Venice, so hey, it was what it was. The company made it very attractive.

After we went for a brisk walk and took in some off the sea air, and the view and talked soulfully about life and the beauty that surrounded us. The birds, the trees, nature and love. We all felt blessed and my heart felt good as it filled with warmth from the California sun and good conversation.

After we parted I realized the that I had not yet taken care of my own personal beauty and figured we were so close to Marina Del Rey, why not drag my poor husband to get myself a mani-pedi at my favorite place in LA! I know it’s on the far west side away from all tourist destinations, but my lovely’s if you want it done right, you go to the best, and the best is BELLAGIO NAILS & SPA in Marina Del Rey. They are always busy, but only the locals know about it. This may backfire on me as I may never be able to just walk in there and get seated just like that, at a moments notice again. But if you wanna be in the know, know this, they are THE BEST. And the drive is well worth the drive. Their manicures and pedicures last the longest and look the best. Once more they are super affordable. To get my eyebrows tinted, manicure, regular polish, pedicure, lacquer polish…only $70- USD. Do you know how much that costs in Canada? Super pricey. For your enjoyment, the pic’s to prove my visit.


They don’t even have a website for goodness sake so here are the details, grab a pen and paper: BELLAGIO NAILS & SPA, 4772 ADMIRALTY WAY, MARINA DEL REY, CA 90292   310.305.1400     Hours of Operation: Mon-Sat 9:00-7:30pm Sunday: 10:00-6:30pm

On to my hubby’s and my favorite haunt, Rag & Bone on Melrose Ave. in West Hollywood. Saw some friendly familiar faces and they showed me some of the coolest off the runway looks to try on for you to see.

For all pricing and details on the looks you see here check out the link above.

Well, it’s been a long day and the sun is setting, the tummy is grumbly, and the dogs are barkin’. Time to call it in and start on this blog. Which is already done. Wow that was easy. Enjoy!