LA day #4: Fashion Hot Spot…IRO

Today was a day of meeting friends, catching up on our errands, groceries, banking, and feeding our bodies with healthy nutritious food and H2O. After the long drive here, we were still catching up with our water intake and re-hydrating our temples. I’ve been back in LA for four days and my whole YOGA self starts up again and I’m in health mode, can you tell?

So after we did what was necessary, I was able to do what I wanted to do. Cover the cool places I’ve been telling you I would share with you once I got here. And the top thing I wanted to cover were the FASHION HOT SPOTS of LA. So I visited my friend JAIME MARTINEZ, who used to work at Rag & Bone but now works at a new place, (Don’t know if I can mention where, need to confirm that first), but he told me to check out “IRO”, where CHAD CONNERS now works (He also used to work at Rag & Bone) on BEVERLY DRIVE in Beverly Hills.

Okay, is everything clear as mud? Great! So Chad was so very sweet and helpful and got me all dressed up in the coolest and the latest in IRO runway fashion. Here a the pic’s of some major hip Street Fashion via the brilliance of IRO from France.


Due to the fact that IRO doesn’t really have a website, I encourage you to please call or email CHAD CONNERS at IRO at CHAD.CONNERS@IRO.FR or call him directly at the store at #1.310.276.1885 for all the details and pricing information of all you see above. Thanks again Chad & Friends!

IRO: 325 N Beverly Drive, Beverly Hills. CA, 90210