Los Angeles Day #2: Hair, Rain & Swingers

Day #2: What I had planned the night before, did not happen as planned.

As you might have noticed, I kind of like to wing it. I do have a few set appointments, but I set out for adventure when I go on my travels, let the wind direct me where it may. And when I find something that fancies me, I open the door and take a peek inside. After living here in Los Angeles for 15 years with my hubby, we had done all the touristy things. So now when we come out, we look for more local things of interest that a tourist wouldn’t otherwise know about. So that’s what my plan is from this point on. And that’s something I can do.

Also we had rain today. And rain in LA means “OMG, Emergency…It’s rain, drive like a maniac, and slam on the brakes!” For the rest of the sane drivers, we get our fair share of dents, scrapes, dings and fender benders from those less considerate or ill prepared for drivers in this kind of weather. So the freeways, highways and basically all ways become backed up, congested, stand stills, and complete disasters. So that is why my planned day was interrupted and caused my schedule to be foiled by mother nature. Nonetheless, the weather promises to be warm and rain free tomorrow. So I will try to catch up with some of what I missed today.

Okay here was STOP #1: My favorite Hair Salon ever, HARPER SALON on Melrose Ave.just West of Crescent Heights, on the North side of Melrose on Harper and Melrose. It is worth every penny and they are most talented. I’ve been seeing the same hair stylist for years, Nikki Pittam. But seeing how she was on vacation, they have very talented and creative staff who can look up your file, consult with you and make sure you get exactly what you want with the same warm service you get from your regular stylist.

Above are the Big Blue doors that mark the spot of the Harper Salon, an interior shot of the eclectic warm interior which is so modern and now. And there’s Ellen Singer (Remember this name, because it will come up in another blog) on the phone at reception, booking one of many clientele. Below a panoramic shot of the cool space.


I arrived with freshly washed hair as i wanted something very special done to my hair. The Jaia Special!  Here is the before, along with a pic of the adorable Lesley Peck (colorist) who would council me on an addition to the Jaia Special.

Lesley thought it best to enhance my natural hair color by bringing out my natural highlights with my usual (top of the head to the mid length of my hair) gloss with golden tones. And then put me under some heat for a short while. After that it was washed out and a clear all over gloss was applied to add shine and strength to my hair and enhance the overall health of my hair’s condition. After that, it was scalp massage and I was gone.


After the pampering and glass of cucumber and berry iced water, I was whisked away to meet with my next lovely collaborator in my transformation, Sandra Showers (stylist). We had decided to just do a natural trim/cut by not taking away any of the length, but taking away the blunt cut I had, to make it look more carefree and wispy at the ends. And finally the results, which I was pretty darn tootin’ happy about. What do you guys think?

The above Canvas Tote Bags are being sold at Harpers Salon for $29-. Why am I telling you this? What ‘s the big deal? Well I bought one for a very good reason. Proceeds from every tote sold go towards a very worth while charity for the LGTB community, called The Trevor Project. It’s worth checking out and reading the information on the link, as they have a local West Hollywood office here in Los Angeles, as well as New York, San Fran & Washington, D.C.

RAIN… tick, tock, tick, tock, 4 hours later…

Hubby arrives safe and sound as he was stuck in traffic coming from Marina Del Rey and stuck on the 405 in the pouring rain. And if you speak Los Angeles Speak, the “405” is a four letter word. In that case so is the “10”, the “5” and the “101”. All Highways that get you lodged in endless traffic and endless hours driving home on a Friday night. I just thank god he was safe and that someone was there to rescue me, front door service, with my hair all done and gorgeous in the pouring rain. Do I sound like a princess yet? My goodness!

Okay…got in car, plug in dying phone. Greet hubby with kiss. Discuss next move. Too late for that? No no, much, much too late for that indeed. Can’t do that fashion thing I wanted to do, they’re closed already. Think think think. Okay go for a drink with an old business colleague at a cool little place called Father’s Office in Culver city right next to the old Helms Bakery Bldg. Which by the way, now houses http://hdbuttercup.com/, a favorite among Interior Stylists such as myself, or those with a big pocket book, or love the idea of the rare, the bizarre, the unique and one of a kind finds for your home or office.


No photos were allowed to be taken inside as this is a bar establishment. But if you check out the website, you’ll get a good feel for the great interior and grand display of international and unique beers that they offer, as well as great food. After good conversation with our friend, not keeping time and two Pelligrino’s later, we were off to meet with Writer/Director Ken Fox with whom I worked with as first Producer on his Short Film last year. At the ever popular hip hang out, Swingers. Located in Santa Monica. Now I realize I am all over the map here, but I’m here to cover ground folks! I’m gonna show you where to go and how to get there. This place had great food, great prices, at an old school feel coffee shop. Open all day until the wee hours of the morning. They cater to all kinds of taste buds. It’s not the Ritz Carlton, but it’s a “Come in, grab a menu, make yourself at home friend, we’ll be right there” , kind of place. It’s like visiting your best friend and their going to cook for you cause you’re just that close and your just that special. Now that’s a swingin’ place! DO NOT READ INTO THE NAME! C’mon people, it’s a diner!

Old style charm and old fashioned service from great people like Justin Lucas as pictured above, our server. Just as sweet as pie and a real cutie who was right on the ball. She was so great and welcoming, making sure we got exactly what we ordered and cooked just the way we liked it. Thanks so much Justin!

The interior is classic diner! Very retro hipster with a touch of cow.

My outfit is:

Club Monaco Shirt: $69-

Judith & Charles Silk Cuff Pants: $185-

Rag & Bone Sandals: $140-

Prada Sunglasses: $160-