We are on Route to LA!

It’s almost 5am and we are crawling into our packed SUV with our favorite Nordstrom E-Bar bought Coffee and Cookies (purchased the night before), the seats are warming, the air outside is cool and brisk but the car is inviting as we make ourselves comfortable for the first day of the two day drive. Fingers crossed there will be nothing that causes any highway or freeway closures and a quick prayer for any and everyone driving today. For today we make our way to our second home of Los Angeles, California.

Sleep was light and excitable as this trip was a long time coming. But we’ll trade off and take turns driving to make it a safe voyage. Let’s see, snacks, check. Water, check. Kleenex & handy wipes, check. Yes, I’m a a klutz when it comes to spilling on myself or nibbling on snacks on long voyages in the car.  I admit it! Return flight tickets, passports, drivers license, ID, fashionable comfortable clothing, check and check.

Can never double check enough that you have all you need for a trip. Especially prescriptions and proper identification. Always have more than you need, than not enough. Remember no fruits, meats or seeds when crossing the Boarder! Fashion is totally allowed as long as you make sure it’s declared at Customs. Just making sure my Fashionista’s are always on top of things don’t ya know.

As our trip took to the road, I was just a bundle of energy. We stopped seldom, and when we did it was only for the essentials. Gas, W/C run, food, coffee and water to go and a few quick car and coffee pic’s.

Not that exciting I know. Like I said, it was just for the essentials. Like these which I forgot to mention, Starbuck’s Italian Raspberry Sodas. I’m not selling these but for them it’s a pretty good plug huh? Cause goodness knows they sure need it (ahem). I guess with all that sugar intake I got a little jolted with a flood of energy that made me wanna dance and sing, and dragged my hubby in with me, poor fella.

Okay there’s no sound because of copyright infringements. But it’s funny to watch. Can you guess what song we’re singing? Name that tune!

Needless to say by the end of day one we were exhausted as we put in a full day of driving, but stopped in at a comfy Inn and called it a day. I wanted to write you and post something, but I couldn’t even pick up my cell phone without crying about the fact I still had to brush my teeth and put my fashionable and oh so sexy t-shirt and stretchy yoga pants for beddy bye. Oh how I fought those tears. Wait what was this article about again? Sniff sniff.

Oh ya, so the second day. Both Johnny and I were not the enthused duo we were the other day about the drive and I decided there would be no photos. Instead I left the whole drive up to the big guy. I was not in a giving mood, and helping with the drive was not even an option. I became completely immersed into what the heck I was going to share with you, my followers, my guests, friends and Bloggers alike. Yes I was pouty, I get that way sometimes, hard to believe I know, I know. I seem as though I’m always amicable and adorable all the time. It’s quite a shock to myself even to think that I,  of all people can be quip and moody. I am a “Gemini “after all, and the “evil” twin sometimes comes out when least expected. I know, shhhhh, it’s okay I’ll let that register with you for awhile as I too can’t believe the “good” side of me would admit this so openly. Hehe.

But now that we have finally made it to Los Angeles I leave you with this my friends, as this is all I have left in me, after two long days of driving highway 15 all the way from Calgary to LA for the 22nd or is it the 23rd time? Oh what a blurrrrrrrrrrr……….

Until tomorrow my friends!

Erewhon Market on Beverly Blvd.

Nordstrom E-Bar at The Grove

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