A pinch of Tunic: To spice up your wardrobe

Happy International Womans Day Ladies! From one Proud Woman to all the other hard working women out there…I SALUTE YOU!!!

Tunics have been a staple in one’s wardrobe since the beginning of time, since the ages of Vikings and of Romans Togas and Sheaths. They haven’t really changed to much other than the woman of today need not the heavy looming of a winter beast to keep her warm, we layer for that kind of weather now.

Now it’s all about comfort, shape and what works with tights, pants and leggings already in her closet. It’s about mixing and matching and making it work. Whether it’s a hit or a miss is still to be determined as many ladies are still not sure how or what to do woth a Tunic. Let’s dispel some of those unknowns shall we?

The above are the most flattering of combos that have walked down a runway, but perhaps not as ready to wear as one may hope them to be. So let’s look at some research that I have done to make you more assured and more comfortable with this whole TUNIC idea so you can wear it with confidence.

Most tunics, you can wear as a mini, but I would be very careful with that. Tunics that are knit are very big right now and ones that go past the tush work great with tights and pants. The bottom left hand Tunic is a loose Tunic, more of an artistic tunic,  is very chic especially if made of linen as it’s painterly stripes cross the fabric, a very classy/casual look that work great with either your favorite jeans or linen pants. Very natural fibers work great with other natural natural fibers. It’s a no fail success story.

Tunics are a way of you expressing yourself in a whole new way. Experiment, try it over a big flouncy skirt, pants with wide legs, as I feel Tunics are a statement piece that you can push the envelope with. If in doubt, send me a quick pic and ask me, I won’t steer you wrong. Remember you can accessorize with belts, vests, shoes, hats and other layers. Don’t be shy. Here are some more photos for inspiration.

It can be as conservative as you like it or as colorful and fun as you want it to be, as it does speak to the “ARTIST” in every woman. This look was very big in the 70’s as woman were becoming a strong force in the work place and mainstream times of Lavern & Shirley. It was the womans delicate take on a mans work shirt with a certain “quelque chose de grand changement.” We as women would make them see our commitment to our well being and that our dedication to working hard didn’t  mean you can’t look good doing it!

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