A Week Of Los Angeles: On Location & in Person

That’s right I’ve almost got my suitcases packed and on my way to my second home of Los Angeles for a week’s stay. I’ll be covering LA fashion trends and visiting my favorite fashion gurus and friends, and getting the low down of the hottest new pop up shops in town. I figure I’ll visit my usual beauty haunts and get my “hair did” and a “mani-pedi” the way that only LA knows how. I’m going to eat super healthy just because there, it’s super duper easy, with no questions asked, and I’ll share all the great places I’ll be going and hanging out while I’m there.

It all starts next week Wednesday as we begin our drive in the wee hours of the morning , until we fly back the following week. Oh what fun we’ll have exploring together on my way down south to the land of never ending summers and bumper to bumper traffic on the 405.Now flying back that’s another story all together. So if you’re on the east side by The Grove and dare take La Brea all the way down to Stocker till you get to La Cienega and merge onto that, and gain enough speed to get to that intersection where Pann’s is, gosh forgot the name of that road, well turn right there, hit every green light if your lucky until you get to Airport Drive or is that Blvd, at any rate make that a left at the lights. Keep going South until you get to the last set of lights and hang a right and you’ll see the pillars turning different colors and the big LAX letters and you’ll have arrived at the airport!

You’re Welcome!

See you in Los Angeles my Friends!!!