The Long and the Short of It: This Years Big Player JEANS

I used to think that Jeans were only for the mountains or for…I don’t know anything but fancy things. But as I grew up and got wiser, what my Mama said started to make sense, especially when she  bought me my first pair of white jeans. She said, “Put on a pair of jeans and a nice top”, and that was her answer when I cam to her all in a panic and said “I have nothing to wear!” Oh my, the drama that went on!

And now the amount of denim I have is immense but still not enough to carry the abundance of shapes and styles that are out there today. The way that jeans have made such an impact on the fashion world this year is extraordinary and you’ll be seeing the long and short of it a lot this year as it makes a huge statement in the fashion world this season.

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 4.28.19 AM

On the runways, Jeans were front and Center, exploring lengths and textures as such with our beloved denim. ripped , hemmed, seamed, raw edges, fringes, clean lines, ruffled edges. Anything seemed possible when coming down the runway for this ss/16 and foreseeing the f/w2016 as well. It was obvious that Jeans were here to make their place among the couture pieces for the year ahead with a boom!

The styles of edging are apparent here for those who are willing to play and are risky in their everyday styling like me. If you’re more conservative then a pain hem is best suited to you. But if you’re a fashionista or SoCal girl this is right up your alley as weather permits this kind of look all year round.


The long and the short of it is simply these four obvious photos. We’ve got the cut of and organically ruffled hem, the unfold hem jean for that “Hey look Ma I grew a couple of inches!” look. The razor cut hem left to it’s own devices, and the belt bottom jeans with a decent conservative hem. All of above of which are in style right now. You can not go wrong. These are all allowed, it’s just a matter of what fits your body shape and size and height. Take those three factors into consideration before making your choice and your off to the races. Remember if you’re four foot five inches, stay away from bell bottom jeans you’ll lose all proportion. If you’re  six feet tall stay away from floods as it will cut your leg in the oddest section and make you look awkward. There is a balance for all things. If it feels odd and you question yourself for a second, it usually means NO.100215-denim-hem-1