Tough Chic not Rough Chick


I stand here in my Tough Chic look with subtle jewellery and a pop of color to show that yes I’ve got that wild, but still feminine side to me. Although I did forget the red lipstick to match my red booties which is so now, I hope you won’t hold it against me. I’m also usually fresh faced so my black mascara in these photos are so not registering, but up close you’d see how long my lashes really are. My eyebrows unless drawn in or tinted dark are so blonde and seem almost non existent. I seem almost alien. Oh well I’m used to it I guess – but not enough as not to mention it here in my blog.

Anywho,  I’m wearing my favorite leather jacket from Ted Baker in it’s gorgeous quilted pattern which seems so timeless to me, and girly and tailored and chic, I’m in love with it! I paired it with this really cool grey sweater which was a great sale find at where? Yup you guessed it ’cause I’m always there checking things out because I’m super nosey, Club Monaco . And yes that is a tank top underneath, because let’s face it I get chilly and I’m not in the mood for sharing my midriff with the rest of society in this brisk weather.

The red booties are from the shoe God’s themselves at Arnold Churgin.Those awesome fitting jeans that “fit where they hit” as my Mama put’s it, are made from those awesome folks at  Rag & Bone.  They’re stretchable and bounce back and keep their shape so I recommend them highly. The accessories that I paired with this overall look are a combo of tomboy with girly to balance the tough side of me and the gentle side of me. I like something that’s solid and keeps good time, like this time piece from Victorinox, and I like sparkly things so I went with this bracelet that I found at Judith & Charles. Belt, an obvious choice as it was black one and it was just what I was looking for, Micheal Kors.


And Finally my prized possession, are my earrings from the David Yurman Earring Collection that had all the sophistication needed as a final touch to my overall look.