To Fur or To Faux: That is The Question

As a lover of all animals and an advocate to save them all from all cruelty and suffering, this question comes up many times when I am working styling fashion. I don’t eat meat except for fish. I’ve seen every terrifying video that has shown me online, and I’ve cried bitterly and what I’ve seen these gentle, innocent animals go through when captured or raised in farms by man who has the heart of a serial killer.

Okay I know this sounds intense, but like I said, I’m a hard ass when it comes to protecting the rights of animals. If you follow me on Facebook, you’d see the amount of petitions I sign and share to create an awareness about such things. I’m very conscience of what I eat and if it has had an any impact on any little or big animal out there in the world, and the same goes for what I wear.

I am guilty of wearing leather shoes, boots, belts and bags. But I am making those adjustments in my life to alter my new perspective on things. And wearing Fur is a big no-no for me and I highly advise the same ethics to others as well. Sure those little bunny vests are all super soft and cozy, but remember those are cute little bunnies that you go all “Awwwwwwwwwww” over when you see them. And if you’d have half the notion as to how they are made you wouldn’t wear them, you just couldn’t.

Yes fur is pretty, but it’s not about survival anymore. We are not Inuit People using the entire animal for survivals sake. To us it’s about looking good, feeling good regardless of the pain that went into making them. Animals are not ours to wear. But there are those who have a cooling chamber in their homes with a few different breeds of them in there, under lock and key. It’s a matter of hierarchy, a state of self entitlement and heirlooms that old money can buy. But is it really that chic and sophisticated? Or is it a faux sense of reality?

joe fresh