It’s My kind of Casual

My kind of Casual changes from month to month, week to week from day to day from hours to hours. Growing up and always going home for lunch, I would often change my outfit from what I was wearing in the morning. I got bored very easily with what I wore so quickly, that changing my clothes half way through the day seemed very natural to me. Coming back from lunch I was a new creative version of me.This became such regular practice for me, that my friends and foe would have bets to see if I would change or not after my return from lunch.


I would sometimes wear my Papa’s yellow/blue/black blazer with black tights and black boots and black top. Crimped beach blonde hair, pale yellow lipstick and pale skin. The 90’s were so ultimately rad! There will be perhaps be a little of that still in me, as I look at this photo and see this hounds tooth blazer with rhinestone collar (J.CREW), grey flocked cotton shirt (Club Monaco). Patchwork jeans (TREASURE & BOND) at (Nordstrom), brown boot (BØRN) at (Nordstrom). Cast, post surgery must have (LOCAL HOSPITAL).

The sweetness of a delicate purse in a soft pink/nude hue,  that in still in the palette for 2016 (TORY BURCH). Silver/Black reversible belt and silver buckle (TORY BURCH) to add a little Caliornia casual dressy to the look. The collar with Rhinestones for that feminine touch to a men’s classic (J.CREW), and finally delicate pink quartz earrings (JUDITH JACK) at (NORDSTROM).

A rough and chic look, feminine and masculine, a balance of the ying & yang. Embracing the comfort and feel of the fabrics that move with your body. Accentuated with the delicate touches of feminine qualities that make me feel like me. I never like to feel to casual, as in looking as though I didn’t put any thought into what I wore before I left the house. I always want to look as though I put some thought into my look, one that represents me. I love preppy, with a tom boyish feel but still look girly, and I think this look captures that very essence. Don’t you? What do you think?