Wilde’s Take on Fashion: Does it still stand true?


Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable,
that we need to alter it every six months

-Oscar Wilde-

Living a life of exuberance and lavishness, an author such as the brilliant Oscar Wilde, declared the above quote, quite some time ago. He was brought up in a home of little rules, with a drunk and promiscuous father, and a mother who dressed her self up like a decorated Christmas tree and often had home parties to just to gossip and tell half true stories. And to make them more interesting, added layers of embellishments to them. All the while, Oscar, and his two siblings were taught to be part of the party but to sit quietly and just listen.

And listen they did, learning the world as it surrounded them, with lies and half truths, thinking that the world was just that way. Oscar, had a great mind and was quite book smart. And when it came to Fashion and Style, well he had his own opinions. One so strong and witty, it is so well known. Is this still true today? Oscar’s quote: how right was he? Let’s take a look at some of the years gone by from some of these images, how right he was by making this judgement.

Okay, I’m not really seeing ready to wear here, and definitely not practical. Cruelty comes to mind on one occasion, and then there’s, “OMG! Another broken heel?!!!” Let’s continue shall we?…

Hmmm, accessories are evident across the board. Leather, velvet, ruffled collars, different shades of wigs, satin, silk…yup yup yup, all looks good. Oh wait I see tights or could be over the knee socks, that’s on the mark right now even as far as trends go. Interesting color palettes. Nope nothing odd here. Seems pretty normal; FOR ANOTHER PLANET MAYBE!!! Good lord, Intense and uncomfortable, and no dry cleaners back then. Whew, imagine the amount of perfume, alcohol, cigar smoke, and cologne they must have had to wear to cover up the amount of sweat and body odor clinging to every fiber of those clothes. Really I mean it, close your eyes and imagine. YUCK right?!

Okay Oscar okay! Your making us all a believer with your wry and pretentious quips. The overdone crimping of the hair, the plastic over sized “NOTICE ME” jewelry. The optical shaded shades; “LET IT GO, LET IT GO!!!! LA LA LA, LA LA.” And ladies we know what you love, can’t live without ’em! “DUCK NAILS!” Not sure if or when this happened or why? But I’m with Oscar on this one 100%. I mean when it comes to hygiene, I mean pleeeeeeease girlfriend please get real. Because, we all know how you gotta type with nails like these. How goes it with the toilet paper? It’s just so, so… “BYE FELICIA.”

“SHOT TO THE HEART AND YOU’RE TO BLAME, DARLIN’ YOU GIVE JEANS A BAD NAME. ” Will jeans ever recover from the ones who have ruined it for the many? Well with it being 2016, and jeans being a huge staple in the reintroduction of “JEANS NEW VIBE” we will witness how predominate it will be and see how much we will adopt it again. It’s not like it went out of style, as it ebbs and flows, it will  just represent itself in a whole new way. As what I see here, it’s pretty darn UGLY!

If a Snookie falls in the Arctic, will anyone miss those boots? Probably not. Seeing how I can’t figure out who let her buy them and told her that those were a wise investment for her wardrobe. The are awkward, too big, clumsy and impractical at every level. Did I mention that they are not attractive? Think about the poor Sasquatch that gave his life for those? Poor guy. Where’s Peta when you need them?

The “AS SEEN ON TV SNUGGIE” for everyone in your family. You can lay around the house in it, sleep in it, shop, dream, socialize, become a recluse, walk the dogs, walk the badger. it’s an all inclusive suit. Heck, go after that raise at work in it. Your boss will see how poor you are and just write you a bonus check, so you can out and buy yourself a new summer sweater that depicts a day at the beach (that you’ll never ever wear) YAY!!!! It’s a one/zero win. You still have the snuggie, and the store finally got rid of that god forsaken sweater. Whoa, mind, blown!

The sheer UGLINESS of it all! Because I see it on every practical runway out there from Los Angeles to Paris and Paris to New York. The struggle to keep your pants up and beating everyone to the punch when it comes to pulling your pants down is brilliant. You’ve just embarrassed yourself first! Awesome choice lads, and those ladies who are in that group, I salute you in your everyday endeavor to be so humble with your self humiliation. WORD!!!

Ah yes, Joan Collins. Well, at least the hair is, it’s…… well I’m trying to say that the height is just so, high. Yes it’s high up there coiffed as such. The clothing she is in was most definitely…angular, pattern is so very….it was what year again?  Early 80’s or the vengeance of the late 80’s? Oh dear. She was very Joan-sy, wasn’t she?  Her clothes spoke volumes, while her attitude need not speak a word yet it was louder than her ensemble.

This final look at what seems to an attempt to be different without trying is working against this individual. His more is more is quite irresponsible fashionably quite frankly. But maybe he was having an off day much like we all do sometimes right? Yeah that could be it. We don’t know his story, his background, his anything. It’s just a photo. But on the other hand, it’s just so wrong. I hate to be so negative but I have to play devils advocate and not allow you or my jokey self to think this is right. Then I would be of disservice as a fashion stylist.

I am not a fashion blogger for making you cry or humiliate you. I will always be true and honest to you, to give you all the correct and helpful advice I can.

Oscar Wilde, all though you are no longer with us, you spoke the truth on many levels. I thank you for your sarcasm and Irish wit and unabashed straight forward approach to how you saw things in your perspective of what was “true to you.”


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