What’s your favorite fragrance?: And, what does it say about you?

“I’d just like to thank the Academy for their consideration of this high quality, and  the emotional hours that I have put into this video and it’s content. The many months of pain staking hours of writing to bring the emotion and honesty that dripped from the tongues of the actors portrayed in this video. I want to thank my husband for his support through all the good times we had making it and the joy and tears it brought me. I guess you could say I am ever so humbles by minuscule beginnings as a director prodigy. Thank you. Oh and IPhone in all it capacity and my Mac Laptop for the giving me the tools to make this all possible… I’m so sorry what? The music is playing what? Oh Get off the Stage now? Oh I’m done am I? Well I never!!!….”

Let’s just say my personality deserves a fragrance of lavender and calming qualities. Nothing to get this girl worked up about. No Sir! I need to choose my fragrances carefully. Ones that smell clean, floral, but not over powering and overwhelming. After all choosing your fragrance is a bit of a science and should be done with care.


Fragrances are particular to each and every individual, as one scent can smell different on 10 different women. It has to so with blood type, skin pigmentation, oil secretion and the foods and spices we eat. Also our personalities dictate what scent is appropriate to each and every one of us, and seeing how there are many kinds of personalities all with different lifestyles, we can’t all wear the same scent. It’s so very personal indeed. I found this fun test online that you can take online as well, to find out what scent is good for you especially and why. Check it out on the link below and take the test to find out what type of fashionable scent is right for you

Fragrance/Personality Quiz & Result