I wish upon my lucky stars: THAT MY HOUSE FINALLY GETS FINISHED!!!


The pure agony of building your home from scratch and having your hand in the design and overall fashionable concept is a huge undertaking. And with my husband and I both being from creative fields we both swore never to do this on our own again. After all this is our dream house and we have envisioned this house for quite some time, and by gosh if we weren’t going to see it through. Spring under the house or not.

We were promised it would be done in 1o months, so they said. A year went by. Still things were unfinished. Just the frame stood there like a body form in the winter with howling winds swirling around it without a warm coat by Christian Lacroix to protect it.

Only an abundance of unruly wires running  across the ceiling with no coordination or destination, boxes after boxes and litter from all the trades who didn’t care to clean up after themselves as they felt no pride or justification to do so. I mean it wasn’t their place right? Bottles. Cans. Cigarette packs. Litter. It was shameful really, especially since we provided garbage pales for them, and brought hot coffee and treats to the troops every day. It was just garbage and ended up on the floor leaking into it.

Boxes upon boxes everywhere piled up in the house instead of the empty bin outside, until my Johnny and I would show up after work and start filling it up. Picking out samples over and over again because they kept losing the order forms, or misplacing them. Orders getting delayed or lost. Contractors not showing up for weeks because they didn’t feel like it. I mean the list is endless as what we were dealing with. And you don’t want me to get started on our GC. I’ll lose it entirely.

Below is the almost but never quite finished kitchen. It still looks the same. Still no appliances as they are still on their way apparently.

My studio wit the garage door for optimal sunlight and summer time breezes, wrong door, should be here any month now from what their guessing. The vanities lonely without sinks and plumbing. So close but so far. A shower having to be redone after the discovery that the tiles were put on with MASTIC instead of what really should have been there. if not for catching this mistake, our steam shower would have gone through the walls and created mold. Where is my shooting star tonight?

A view of the almost finished back of the house which still needs a lot of work as well as landscaping to even out the uneven patches for safety sake and collect all debris. But looking at the lines and details of the house. I am quite in love with what we’ve done together JT and I.


Even though she’s a nightmare during the day. She’s heavenly at night and quite sculptural at night when the light are on and you standing far enough away not to notice what it is that’s missing. in parting I just have one thing to add as this house is my Yoko to my Ono, the Dolce to my Gabana, the Marc to my Jacobs… FOR THE LOVE OF PETE, IT’S BEEN TWO LONG YEARS WOULD YA JUST PLEASE FINISH IT ALREADY?!  Thank you,  -Jaia