The Good, The Bad, The Ugly: Alice Cooper makes his Fashion Gothic Trend

“Welcome to my nightmare” sings Alice. Why thank you says the world of Fashion as they reinvent the Gothic movement again with Alice as the muse of the FW/16 runways as featured in Elle Magazine. Alice is Muse for Goth Fashion Theme

Hair and makeup is subjected to intricate molding and pinning with finger waves pinned to keep it’s shape. Makeup a bit frightening yet wickedly precise and sad darkness reigns with royal appeal. The devotion to this melancholy  vibe is becoming very popular especially among the youth and those in the fashion industry-minus the intensity of the  deliberate and endless depressive state. After all Fashion is supposed to be something that makes us happy, not sad.

But for all of you with that exuberant lifestyle and still love Goth, let’s take a good look at what we need to do to get you started;


All black is the key here, with pieces that are of decadent nature and speak volumes of attitude and royalty. Black or red nail polish with matching lips. Now I opt for the red lips as they are far more attractive and add sophistication to this look. Make sure fingers and toes are always manicured as it will keep a polished look to this image and people won’t think you’re a slob. When it comes to looking like you have bloody lips? Save it for  Halloween, we’re all sane people here and we’re not vampires either. Let’s keep this professional folks.

These are the professional looks that you need to research when adopting the Gothic look. Practice makes perfect, watch tutorials on how to get these looks as not to look like you’ve had a fist fight with a racoon while wearing regular mascara and not washing your face before bedtime. Not Cool. The look is precise and you need to educate yourself to make yourself as sleek as possible  or you’ll look like a mess.

All the above looks can be seen on GOOGLE if you search under Gothic Fashion Style and search under Images. There you can find images that may you find exactly what you are looking for. If there is something you can’t find and would like some help on, send me a message on this blog and I’ll more than happy to assist you and help you find the answer.