Styling your outdoor space: Bring the indoors out (styled by Jaia Talisman & photographed by Kate Kunz)

When it comes to styling your outdoor space, garden or veranda, try to bring a little of the inside out to make it an extension of the inside of your home. By doing this you’re expanding the square footage of your home and allowing yourself to enjoy the outdoors for the wonderful weather to be expected for spring/summer of this year. Using earth tones as we did, pictured below,keeps harmony with the environment and a soothing spa like feel. Always incorporate a throw for those cool evenings, but add the delicate touches of the summer to commemorate the warm winds and sun’s warm rays that trickle through the leaves and land on your face and shoulders in speckles. A fireplace is a definite bonus feature and can add to the value of your home.

Adding plants that bloom every year is an added benefit to keep the garden pretty and colorful. Layer the table with linens is a divine way to use what you have and to add luxury to the look of your table setting. Flowers of course, fresh a must. Pillows for the hollowd of the back with delicate prints are more than appreciated by guests.


There are many kinds of outdoor expressions to choose from that are not so classic like this one here, very BBQ & beer party, with it’s festive outdoor feel but the charm of the indoors spilling out onto the patio. Out door lights adds to the mood of celebration when surrounded by a woodsy outdoor and rock wall. Some potted flowers for punches of colors surround the patio, along with a rugged blanket as a table cloth to enhance the outdoorsy feel. Let’s eat!


There’s the ever adorable Gazebo Tea party fancied up like an Alice in Wonderland concept hidden in the garden surrounded by trees , flowers, plants and grasses but gussied up for the ultimate kaffeeklatsch with the Rabbit and Mad Hatter! I used silks and velvet to dress this up with a bold floral arrangement and to match the fabrics and made it as chic as possible to entertain the most discerning of guests.



And then there’s the porch, sunny and bright from the west side taking in the setting sun behind the hills far as far could be. As you relax telling stories on vintage wicker, puffed down filled floral pillows, surrounded by bright red tulips and antique heirlooms like the the floral wreath and table cloth your grandma gave you. Curled up telling stories of the day gone by and planning for the next, all while feeling like your cozy inside your home. This is the extension of your home. The square feet you should be using to it’s full capacity.

Because your home doesn’t stop on your way in. Join outdoor living at it’s best while never leaving your home. Welcome out!