Embracing the Native Influence: at Tory Burch

There’s a new trend this spring summer season for 2016 and that’s the Native or Tribal theme that’s been hitting the runways this year with a vengeance. Tory Burch displayed her version of it with the most delicate ways with this ensemble that I sought out today at the boutique. Very polished and refined, this grouping of curated pieces demonstrates the regal and refined.

The coat, minimal, clean lines, and ready to wear, but what about what do we to finish the look, and do it right?


A gorgeous leather clutch purse with wooden handles and a detailed strap that brings the color and motif of the native and tribal feel with the fringe and pattern. The colors are harmonious and add just the right amount of pizzazz to this neutral palette  without overwhelming the overall look. And there are two final pieces to finish the pièce de résistance.

OMG, yes I know those SHOES!!!!! Tribal print and fringe with a slight mohawk along he back of the heel. So unreal, I just adored them. And finally the ever chic, classic and very now, tortoise shell sunglasses. WHALAH!!!

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