Art & Fashion Collide:MUSE” opening night at Studio 122 Calgary

(Opening Photo Above is credited to Colin Way Photography)

Opening night at Studio 122 for “MUSE” was packed to the rafters once again this year. Not only was the photography and other media of it’s type more than spectacular with, photography from the likes of GREG GERLA, GERARD YUNKER and JULYA HAJNOCZKY…The patrons of the evening were just as stunning.


As I made my way around the room and admired the works of art on the walls, I kept getting whiplash from some of the amazing people there. I mean the art the fashion colliding like a kaleidoscope of shiny objects that had me in a whirlwind. I really sounded much like a “shower curtain ring” salesman with the way I carried on about the way I loved their outfits and how I marveled at them. “A picture for my fashion blog?” I asked politely. And the friendly Calgarians always said “Yes?” as in “Why me?” So humble. Got to love ’em all.

Like the first lady I encountered. There she was standing there like a work of art herself by her husband, was so sweet and kind and had every bit of class and lady like qualities one could have hoped for.

This is SHARIE HUNTER of ARTHUR/HUNTER here in YYC. Her style was compelling. She was trendy, retro and modern with an edge. Sharie was one of those ladies that took risks and chances, but all carefully thought out, with more than pleasing results. Her nails were impeccable, a good balance of accessories and her glasses the final touch to that sassy ever so classy ensemble. I wanted to be her friend because we had do much in common and frankly c’mon she was pretty cool. Thank you Sharie for being such a great sport and allowing me to take your photo. It was a pleasure meeting you.

The evening went on bumping into one familiar face after another with screams of “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHMMMMAAAAAAAGAAAAWWWWWWWWDDDD IT”S YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!”, shrilling in one corner and then the next until you went tone deaf. The drinks flowed, the names dropped, the cackling of laughter when a compliment was given with a built in put down to establish who’s who and “Don’t you forget it baby”, you know who you are. It was all there. Along with the Super Duper friendliest people in the world.

The art was really the most fundamental part of the show, realistically speaking. Mostly all of them so breathtaking and clever. Let’s take a peek at some of them that literally blew my mind…

A selection from Gerard Yunker winning 8 awards in Applied Arts Magazine. Amazing. Congratulations Gerard!

A collection from Greg Gerla on Architecture titled “Over/Under”… A strong black and white collection.

Julya Hajnoczky beautified the room with nature inspired prints that made the walls dance…

The rest of the show was continues with meeting happy faces on their way in and others on their way out. Either way it was a pleasure to take photos of such outstanding and genuinely unique styles of the nights  exuberant evening!

I see ANGELA MCINTOSH in her ultra sweet, casual, simple and perfectly fitted attire, looking so on point for SS/16. Oh and there’s DARRYL POLLOCK in her eclectic boho chic ensemble that also fits her impeccably with out being over sized and baggy. It looks tailored and adorable on her matching her personality to a T! Great accessorizing too girls!

Two of the swellest fellas you’ll ever meet, JOHNNY TALISMAN (my husband of course) and one of the photographers of the night, GREG GERLA.Both looking dapper, especially Greg, he cleans up real good, what with his black on black attire and his trimmed beard and pulled back hair. Nice job Greg! Johnny honey, If I bragged about you, it must seem biased at how good I am as a stylist. But seeing how you dressed yourself without any of my influence, you get an A+ from me too. Next to the fellas, is one gorgeous gal from Sophia Model Management, PEYTON GASTEL.She is so talented in front of the camera and is a hoot to hang with, with her willingness to learn all things fashion. Let’s face it, she looks good no matter what she puts on. Good look Peyton!

And a Toast to a Night Well Done!